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Instant Rava Idli In 30 minutes

Instant Rava Idli In 30 minutes

This was my 1st try and I fell in love with the results :)

My Dad is sick with stomach infection he had outside food few days back, beware dont just eat roadside food until hygiene is taken in account in that place. He is slowly recovering his health ofcourse high fever and loose motions making me all weak. We are busy simultaneously for Ramdhan and our timings have changed. What can be a better light food in sickness other than idlies? Being born in family coming down from North east India We eat more n more of Phulkas. Dosa batter is in the stock but idlies are very rare as Ive mentioned earlier in other post of my Rava idli. This version is very different than other recipe already posted. 

As my dad wanted to eat idly I made up my mind to make instant idlies, Though I had something else in my mind, I landed up making something else, but it turned out what exactly I had assumed a picture frame in my mind. 

I googled up some recipes but all of them had tempering added to the idli, I just wanted to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) lolz :P and I also had an idea to use eno fruit salt, which suddenly went missing, I was little disappointed at 1st then went with the basic method of using soda and it worked out well enough to make me all happy happy!!!!

So sharing my Simple Recipe with you

Time Taken - 30 mins
Yields - 16 idlies
Preparation Time - 2 mins
Fermenting Time - 15- 20 mins
Cooking Time - 8-10 mins
Level - Super Easy


1 and half cup - Suji/ Rawa/ Semolina
Curd - 1/2 cup or less
Water little
Salt 1 tsp or more
Oil - 1 tsp (optional)
Soda bi carbonate - half of 1/4th tsp or 1 fat pinch


- Wash and rinse Rawa for 3-4 times, so that the dusty starchy particles get removed and gives some whiteness to idly. This is what I learnt from my previous idly version.

- There will be some water remaining add curd to it, salt and soda bicarbonate. The batter should be in flowing consistency. In case its thick, add little water to adjust!!

- Let it rest for 15-20 mins it will be kind of short fermentation.

- After 20 mins set the idlies to steam in well greased mould and steam it for 8- 10 mins.

And Your Done!!! Remove it from mould once little cooled
and enjoy it warm, With side dishes

See the porous soft idly texture from inside :) 

When I tasted myself I couldnt believe It would taste so gud :)Whitness was lacking, idlies turned pale yellow kind. Rawa Idlies wont give much whiter result until urad daal is added along. otherwise Generally Rawa has its own starchy effect which gives a dull finish to any end product of it. At 1st i was tensed about the color but after eating it, what I felt was, why bother abt a pale finish?? when the result is excellent ;)

Only thing went missing for me with this delicious result was Sambar and coconut chutney :)


When I 1st remove idly moulds from steamer I was skeptical but when my mom unmoulded and kept in a bowl, I saw it later and just said wow with a surprise. I couldnt resist to taste it and found it super soft in hands to break it with 3 fingers. And taste was more surprising I couldnt believe how I missed trying out these idlies before :) 

My mom 1st said it gives a kind of smell, I asked what? No I just had 1 its tastes good no smell at all, then she tasted and Helped herself with 2 more idlies and enjoyed it too :)

My brother came poked idly with his one finger found it soft enough, nodded his head and went as he is under bathini diet and still 10 more days to go he is eagerly dying to have normal foods lolz.

If you have less time to cook go for these im sure you will never be disappointed :)

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    1. Thank you priya :) they were real soft :)

  2. Looks soo yum.. Perfect & soft !

  3. aah !!! this is soo cool..jus tlike your describtion for KISS !!! lol..liked it. A keeper recipe..thanks a bunch for sharing. And, you do have alot of interesting recipes in here. Should spend more time browsing through. Happily following you. Hope you will follow me back .

  4. Isn't rava such a verstaile ingredient. I have an Instant rava dosa on my space, definitely a KISS recipe..Lolz :-) Nice blog you have here.


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