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Gulgule & ABC

Gulgule & ABC

 Gulgule/ Gulgula is the name for a fried delicacy which is round and soft delicious. When the proverb proves right about " Dont Judge The Book By Its Cover" I will say the same for few of edible all of us make " Dont Judge the taste Of Food By Its Looks Alone" I cannot talk much about the origin except that my Nani (Grandma) Makes it often. 

If one could ask Y often? Then the answer is Its so simple to prepare, make and serve!!! I always used to think this delicacy comes from orrisa as my nani used to make it. But I found this to be part of many Indian occasions specially from north India. Many are unaware of this until they know the name to look around in google!! so let me take a step to make it all famous :)

Though it was a simple make, my mom never made an effort to try out at home, I love to eat gulgulas and wanted to try at home 2yrs back in Ramdhan!! It became an utter mess, Technical faults i can say lolz :) I'll talk about it in notes.

If you have lots of banana's at home and dont know what to do with it? Making Gulgule is the right choice for a perfect evening snacks. I had a very Large Red banana with me I dint knew how to make use of, Then finally tot of making gulgula's and here it goes with my own twist and tricks :)

Basically my nani uses only wheat flour, banana sugar and soda. Here im presenting a little twist of my own hope you guys like it and try it out too :) Much enjoyed and eaten when we were kids

Level: Easy
Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 5-7 mins Each Batch
Makes: 22- 25 Gulgule

1 cup - whole wheat flour
2 tbsp - Suji/ Semolina
2 tbsp- Curd
2tbsp- Sugar
1/4th tsp - Cooking soda
1tsp Heap- Saunf Powder
1 large or 2 medium size banana
1/2 cup grated coconut
Water as needed
Oil for frying


- In a large mixing bowl, 1st puree the banana add in suji, sugar, curd, soda, saunf powder and mix by adding little water at a time to get nice thick batter of dropping consistency 

- Allow it to rest for 1/2 hr minimum, Maximum can be kept till any time desired (see notes)
- When you are ready to fry heat up oil in a pan in medium flame and drop the batter with help of spoon into the oil. It will come up floating to the surface like egg balls, keep rotating and flipping the sides. When its golden brown, drain it and remove to tissue paper or kitchen towel.
- Serve It warm with mint chutney :)

These fritters are Like soft bubbles :) and when we break to see thru inside, it has beautiful bubbly designs of its own :) My bro tore apart the fritters and saw me with a broad smile on how nicely it looks.

- You can omit curd/ coconut / sauf if you like and just stay with banana and flour combination, In that case make sure flavors of banana is dominating. Other ingredients are more inviting to these fritters.
- Leaving the batter to rest is required because wheat flour absorbs water so as suji. Allowing it to rest will allow suji to absorb water content and become soft
- Do not use maida instead of wheat flour at it will make gulgulas soft but rubbery. This is not desired!!! (mistakes' done before)
- I had use less sugar just to give mild sweet taste you can add more if you like. 
- Sugar can be replaced by jaggery and it will taste different though but gud.
- When you fry the gulgulas will start floating on top unlike pakoras, make sure to flip sides for even golden coloring. 
- We eat as it is, but if one needs a dip, Mint chutney would go best!!!

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  1. Sounds good, adding saunf is a nice add.

    1. Thank you Raks :) Hope you try it sometime :)

  2. hey !!!! thanks very much, for the award..just too tied up esp with work and of course, rebranding my fb page...will let u know once done, ok :)

  3. congrats and thanks for passing award to me.

  4. Congo n thanks for lovely award.....

  5. Gulgula look cute and tasty!
    Congratulations on your award and hope to see more new posts in your space...
    Am honoured that you passed it to me...Thanks so much and glad to know that you are so sweet!

  6. thanks dear for passing the award to me.....

  7. looks yum ! congrats on the award !

  8. Congrats dear. THis gulgule looks awesome. took me back to my dadi's memories.

  9. I've heard a lot about gulgule, but never tried it. Looks yummy! Congratulations dear on the award and thank you so much for sharing it with me :)

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  11. yummy and delicious sweet for kids n also 4 sweet lovers.

  12. We too make this, but with maida.. Love this anytime :)

  13. yummy recipe...congrats dear and thanks for sharing the award...

  14. I tried this recipe but they broke in oil wat to do.

    1. Hello leena thanks for trying my recipe. To be honest what ever recipe I update in my blog is fool proof. If there are even the slightest troublesome possibility I do mention it in my notes. In this recipe also I made sure I add in all possible points.
      But technically speaking there are 3 reasons why it happened with you
      1. Oil was not hot enough to get
      2. You tried flipping it even bfr it could hold the shape
      3. You batter consistency problem.

      But if we see wheat flour since it has gluten will definitely not break in oil easily. It's a worth trying recipe. Please do try again and leave us with a feed back. Thank you


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