Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Review On Cafe Cuba Coffee Soda

A Review On Cafe Cuba Coffee Soda

As ive been fasting for quiet a some time Last week I was carving for soft drinks,

I wanted to share the reviews last week itself, but some how forgotten in my exams preparation. Until today when I saw its add in side bars of TOI.

I came across this Drink in shop which costed me 18rs considerably I felt price is high and
being a coffee lover  I was not hesitant to try something new. I asked the shop keeper to confirm if it would be gud, he nodded ! (how can I b so stupid to know he wants a business and a product sale???)  and fortunately or unfortunately there was just 1 bottle may be I was lucky lolz.

I carefully checked the company and saw it came from parle agro I took a chance and brought it, I waited patiently till evening to break my fast and have this. 

And when the time came I was highly disappointed to the core with the taste  It was nothing more than a sweetened drink which had soda gas and gave a taste of Melody Toffee at the end. I remembered the catch line of Melody " Melody khao khud jaan jao" and so came to me as " Cafe Cube Peeyo Khud Jaan Jao" lolzz If you are a real coffee lover then don't go for this drink :) Rest One can try out themself :)

* Note : This drink is new and im sure this is not yet established well in markets, and this is not a paid review. Im just sharing my personal experience n taste

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  1. Replies
    1. but its far more different than cola

    i went crazy after a sip. one, it tasted too well (this opinion cud be biased as i m a tru lover of coffee and found pure aroma of beans in this drink too). and secondly, i felt too energetic - like a gush of blood suddenly ran thru my veins. think it is surely worth a try.
    hope u guys dont take it as a paid review. just my opinion.

  3. not gud... combing coffee wid fizz is a bad idea..... :S.. am a coffee lover n i found it terrible... cudnt finish drinkin it...

  4. Its the WORST THING EVER !!
    My mouth is still tasting bad (after 6 hours of having 4 sips of Cafe Cuba) and its JUST HORRIBLE.

    I wonder if someone DID do a Taste or Quality check on this product, ever !!

  5. Actually i love tis drink.. i jus cant keep my hands off this..i find myself indulgin in tis atleas 2 times a week!! The combo of coffee and fizz is at its best! Though the sugar level is high.. i feel its a best drink to hang out wit!!! And in future i wish it comes wit low cal content!! - Sowmya


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