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Sweet Tamrind Chutney

Sweet Tamrind Chutney

My T- Sauce (Tamarind Sauce/ Chutney) This is simple Chutney Which I tried last year made it 2 more times and again making it For Ramdhan!! Taking this opportunity to share this recipe  with all you guys.

I tried to locate and make various methods of this chutney but nothing satisfied the taste buds as store brought rich thick sauce. Seen from vah chef It was so very simple!! I couldnt believe the result was like what I wanted. My 1st try was with tamrind, dates, Jaggery and Sugar I used everything But dosent makes difference!!! Its the masala's which give u the taste. The base of tamrind remains unchanged.  Made this chutney/ sauce few times now and It could be stored in fridge for 2-3 months  I basically dont know the shelf life of this chutney but I remember storing it in fridge for upto 4 months!! Crazyyy???? 

          Naah not really but I actually forgot I had this chutney with me, and As its main purpose is used with chaat items It brings out wonderful taste to it, In other words key ingredient for Chaat recipes is Tamarind Chutney!! So I was not able to make chaat items I dont usually until there is a strong carving to make something sweet n spicy. Until I made Ragda Patties and finished up my T- sauce. The taste was still perfect no changes found It all tasted as it was made fresh. I goggled and found It can be stored for long time in fridge till you use but make sure its boiled and impurities are removed!! This had been my experience If anyone has idea about shelf life of this chutney pls do let me know!!!

Back to The recipe...

Very very simple thing to have it as a keeper in every indian house hold. I had seen tamarind chutney from vah chef  he adds some spices and make, If not he suggested add lots of chat masala's and your done!!! My 1st attempt was with only chaat masala and I was done but no It wasnt just chaat masala, Im always a little crooked until I can try things on my own. This is how I went about................


2.5 cups of tamarind juice extract out of 2 lemon size tamarind balls

1 cup sugar
1/4th cup jaggery
Chat masala - 1  table spoon
Rock salt - 2 tsp
Red food color 1 fat pinch (optional)
Soanf powder / Fennel seeds Powder - 1/2 tsp if available
Ginger powder 1/2 - 1 tsp 
Chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Roasted Cumin Powder - 1/2tsp heaped


- Add in all the ingredients into a pot and let the mixture come to boil.
- Once it comes to boil reduce the flame to medium heat and let it cook for 15-20 mins till it reduces a little in its quantity (say 1/4th)
- Switch of the flame and allow it to cool.
- Serve it with Samosa / Snacks / Indian Chaats

Wooooo I was really troubled to click pic, I wanted gud brightness and lightening and these 2 were highly reflecting light and objects around huh Sometimes I feel Clicking Pic is such a techo work until you have a proper space and a great quality cam lens to adjust everything on your behalf lolzz (chuckles)


- You can use extra 1/2 cup sugar incase jaggery is not available.
- You can substitute Sugar with fully Jaggery/ Dates
- Reduce the consistency of chutney to just 1/4th to make sugar cook well enough and get little bit of thick consistency.
- As we cook and reduce by cooking this tamarind chutney will still look watery even after 15-20 mins of cooking. Once cooled It will become thick on its own.
- In case you want a very thick sauce you can use whole pulp instead without adding so much water and extracting. But a perfect sweet sauce is one which is runny enough yet thick and can coat up the spoon thinly.
- I dint had Dry Ginger powder so I used fresh crushed ginger 1/2 inch and then strained the sauce when it was still hot.
- Adding color is optional but it gives a rich look to this chutney.
- Incase you want to avoid red food color, you can use Kashmiri mirch which is less hot but rich in color.

I Served It along with Dahi Vada And this Gave a wonderful taste to it.
Everyone enjoyed it and said it was very nice.


Sweet & spicy, Tangy and Flavorful.
 I can bet once you make this you wont opt for store brought. 

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  1. goes so well with samosas...

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  3. Tangy and yummy tamarind chutney.

  4. lovely chutney...a must have for chaats...

  5. A tangy yummy chutney dear !!

  6. yummy chutney with tamarind....feel like tasting a bit..
    New follower here,Amy from Food Corner...

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  8. Looks so yum! Regarding the katira drink, you can google for their Indian name...


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