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Cottage Cheese Onion Flat Breads

Cottage Cheese Onion Flat Breads

In other words Paneer Onion Paratha, Simple delicious flat breads when you dont know what to do with little quantity of paneer or chenna with you :)

Many a times at home it happens that We R left with little milk which curdles because of unpaid attention, Humid climate plays a gud role during summer in curdling of milk need to be very careful after all milk is getting expensive day by day. To talk about 3-4 yrs back when we 1st shifted our house in 1999 we got located near a cow shed!! oh my what a stinky smell at times, And there next to it was Aavin milk depot just opposite to my house. We used to put money in a bag can shout to the aunty of the the shop. she would bring milk packets and take money also give back change. This was a pleasure thing to get milk so quickly and easily when ever needed how can one be so lucky lol!!! leave apart the cow shed smell It got better by time :) We used to consume lots of milk and milk product due to this convenience and biggest thing was IT WAS CHEAP!!! 7rs was blue pack, 8rs was green with little cream milk and Orange pack Full cream was Rs 9 - 10 dont really remember now. And now??? I cant think of wasting milk nor spilling, We shifted again 2yrs back and it became a little difficult to get access with milk but still dad makes sure to get more packs when needed!!!

Coming back to the recipe!!
So such cases with little amount of curdled milk serves nothing. Sometimes mom leaves it as it as and asks me to do what ever I feel like and there I am clueless on what to do until this idea of paratha came up to me

Level: Simple
Preparation Time - 10- 15 mins
Resting Time - Depends as you like
Cooking Time - 3 - 5 minutes each!!

I wanted to make onion paratha since long so I wanted to club up paneer with onion and check out how it turns. Ideal For Breakfast / Light Lunch / Tiffin Boxes / Dinner / Dawat too :)


Whole Wheat Flour - 2-3 cups as needed
Onion - 1 Large or 2 medium size Roughly / Finely Chopped your wish
Green chillies - 3-4 finely chopped
Coriander Leaves - 1 tablespoon
Paneer / Chenna - 2-3 tablespoon (Thats it I Had)
Salt to taste
Water for Kneading as per needed
Oil  as per needed while cooking on Tava


- In a Large bowl take flour, chopped onion, coriander leaves, paneer, green chillies and salt. 
- Slowly mix in the whole ingredients using your hands and crumble it giving pressure to all the ingredients. This process is important and onion and paneer will have its own moisture. 
- Add water slowly and as needed and prepare Stiff yet soft dough. 
- Keep it to rest for sometime with closed lid to the container kept till your ready to use.
- Before using it, knead the dough again and divide it into medium balls and roll it using rolling pin in a flat board.
- Heat a skillet/ tawa and cook on both sides in medium flame adding little oil on both the sides till cooked and nice aroma is released. 
- Finish up with the whole dough and pile up for yummy treat.
- Serve Hot / Warm With and Kind of side dish as desired!! Also Pickles


- Adjust the Spice level according to your taste. Its always gud to have a spicy version of paratha coz flat breads are usually bland to taste. Increase the amount of green chillies if desired
- Use butter Instead of Oil for Rich taste if you like.
- Coriander leaves are used for flavoring.
- While kneading no need to add oil for softness. As paneer will leave its own oil while kneading and give a wonderful finishing to the dough
- Adding extra water as we do normally for wheat flour dough to make it soft is not advisable here because Onion might tend to leave its own juices when kept for resting.
- Parathas might be crooked at sides ignore if ur using big chunks of onion. If you have finely chopped onions then parathas will be round and well finished
- You can also add nigella seeds / ajwain for flavoring also chopped ginger or garlic or Ginger garlic paste too. Depends on you. Lots of options are available Go by your mood and taste :)

I served this with Boondi Raita / Savory Raita It was just delicious :)


Paneer had no taste ( thats a regular opinion of mine that paneer is bland with no taste ) But It helped paratha stay really soft
Little Crunchiness from onion was there. 
Green chillies gave spicy effect
Mild Flavoring from coriander was good enough
Over all It is a good treat worth to try again n again :)

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  1. I like the ingredients into the bread besides onion and cheese, that being for the herby fragrance. Just a perfect bread and I think I will skip the curry for it.

  2. I think the idea of mixing paneer in chapathi dough is an awesome idea....My kid wnt eat paneer in any form...think will try ths out soon...

  3. paneer paratha yum, yum yum who will say no to it...

  4. lovely parathas...yum ! I love paneer in any form and this is a great recipe !

  5. Hi,check out my blog,have something for you :),yummy parathas :)

  6. Nice combo.. Both paneer & onions together into one paratha.. Looks yum !


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