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Rasgulla!! Pressure Cook Method

Rasgulla!! Pressure Cook Method

Welcoming Ramdhan With Love <3
1st day and faced some challenges with rains, powercut and no water uff lets see how it moves ahead. Wishings and  Greeting to all :) 

For me Ramdhan Brings Mixed Feelings Which I cannot explain something gud sometimes tensed, sometimes frustrated everything together. I feel we humans make it complicated by man made rituals etc etc If we closely look what Islam says is not to struggle but to do everything with joy for Sake of Allah. Yet Another Ramdhan is here and I have some Set of Instructions given to mom, not to be too much into cooking and cooking and thinking what others are going to think grrrrr :P This is my story every Ramdhan, dont know whats going to be the story at my in laws next when I get married lolz

Rasgullas are the most simplest Traditional bengoli sweets. I tried my hands once 10yrs back it turned hard, After that I never tried making it, until I started to try Rasmalai. When tried making Rasmalai of paneer version, That time I hardly realised about making rasgullas until One of the post caught my attention 2years back and gave it a try here it goes, It was my 1st attempt and It came out perfect. Curdling paneer and friction method was taken from vahchef. Read Ahead to know more


Full Cream Milk - 1 Liter
Lemon Juice - 3 Tablespoon
Sugar - 2 cups
Water - 4 cups
Ice Cubes


- Boil milk and when its just reaching boiling point add lemon juice
- When the milk curdles add in ice cubes this will help your curdled paneer not to become hard.
- Wash it in water to remove the lemon sourness and take it into a clean muslin or dupatta cloth.
- Wrap it loosely as u do for setting paneer, press it and rub along with the cloth for friction for few mins. 
- When you remove from cloth you will have a lumpy mass of soft chenna. Now roll it into small balls and keep it aside. making sure there is no cracks, this is very important.  Be firm at your fist 1st while rolling and then make light moves to make smooth finish.
- Add water and sugar in pressure cooker and boil it. Once it starts boiling add the rasgulla balls into it, close the lid and keep it for pressure cooking in low medium flame for 1 whistle. and 5 mins more. Off the gas and let the pressure release on its own. 
- When lid is open we find puffed up Rasgullas. Let it cool it to room temperature and Enjoy!!!


- If you dont have ice cubes just keep the chenna under running water so that the sourness is removed as well as temp get dropped.
-  Need not make sugar syrup just need to dissolve sugar
- Friction inside the cloth is easier instead of kneading cheena with hands for 7-10 mins as shows usually.
- Eating it fresh would be soft soft. If you want little hardness then refregirate it for few hours and eat it chilled.

To get Perfect round shape. 

- I made small balls of chenna which gave me medium size of rasgulla's
- More water is important as Rasgulla needs lots of water to dance and grow inside.
- I haved used 5 liters pressure cooker, Small cooker may give u shapeless rasgullas as there wont b much space for rasgullas to puff up freely.
- Incase you are skeptical about pressure cook method and shapeless balls then Take a big Cooking pan or kadai with tightly packed lid and follow the same method. once u add rasgulla balls into boiling water, Close the lid Allow it to cook for 15-20 mins in low flame. One gud thing with this is you can open the lid and watch the progress yourself unlike pressure cooking. Watch the balls grow thrice the size what you put in.

Till the date I never got shapeless Rasgullas but my bro got flat rasgulla once, kind of Rasmalai flat shape because of less water and small pressure pan.


My mom was impressed to see such lovely rasgullas and wanted me to make more.
These days my bro is become rasgulla expert lolzz. And im enjoying what he is making :)
I was more glad Until one of my frnd in fb saw this pic and said looks so professional when I asked whats make him say that? he said its difficult to achieve such perfect results with rasgullas not until one is expert :)

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  1. Awesome rasgullas! Looks so soft and yummy!

  2. Ramadan Kareem to you. Rasgullas look perfect.

  3. Delicious and lovely rasgollas...

  4. I go for pressure cooker method too,juicy spongy rasgullas tempts me a lot.

  5. To be honest, I have never made rasgulla before. I appreciate your recipe because its simple to be followed. I love the taste of this sweet and I think I should try it out soon. Looks really inviting.

    1. Do try and let me know :) im sure you'll love making it again n again :)

  6. Wow.. Perfectly done.. This is something which scares me everytime ;)

    1. It is scary but this method wont scare you neither disappoint you :) do try out some day and know yourself :)

  7. Rasgullas looks perfectly done. Drool drool

  8. wow lovely spongy rasgullas, I think its time I try my hands on this seeing your confidence on the above comment :)

  9. Simple recipe n d rasgullas look lovely!!! tried making them, but my chenna is all grainy.. it doesnt hold while making the balls, just breaks up.. wat am I doing wrong? Please help.

    1. Yasmeen thank you for your feedback!! Making Rasgullas are simple but tricky, If you read my notes I've mentioned few things among them are, Take chenna in a cloth and do dropping the temp of hot paneer/ chenna adding ice cubes or under running water till it comes to room temp. and Immediatly Take it out and rub the paneer along with cloth that is what I meant by friction do it as you knead dough having paneer inside the cloth. This will make sure all the grainy paneer gets mashed up nicely and also moisture gets remove side by side. This is simple. Incase your deicde hanging paneer in cloth and later kneading it. then it will take lots of time. aprox 7-8 mins of hand kneading so this step is important not to leave your paneer grainy, It should be all soft bfr you make them balls. Only then you will get smooth balls without cracks too, Anything further do let me know. Also Drop paneer balls after water n sugar comes to boiling consistency, even that might lead to breakage of paneer balls

  10. ur rasgullas look perfect. I have tried them a couple of times, some successful attempts some unsuccessful. not getting consistent result. if i dun want to use pressure cooking...just boil in a pan with covered limit..will it work?

    1. hii dear Glad u liked and tried my recipe! To be honest this recipe is really workable and never fails, May be the milk u use must have the problem, Use full fats milk. yes there is no rule that u should make it only in pressure cooker, U can make it in a pan and cook with closed lid. this will take around 15-20 mins :) Also do reffer my Cham cham recipe with rabri i posted recently, ive made it without cooker. it turned out too soft :)
      All the best dear do keep me updated when u try next :)

  11. i will surely try and notify you .

  12. maam , pls bataye , maine pressure cooker main sponge banaye but woh hamesha flat hotehai , round shape main nahi rehte . Maam iss problem ka solution bataye ki round shape kaise rahenge and banne ke baad upar oil oil aa jata hai .kya karna chahiye,

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