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Sweet & Tangy Poha Delight

Sweet & Tangy Poha Delight

This Recipe Goes As a Tribute to my native Orrisa

Every thing in this world has a story behind so does Every Food too :) If one looks back there had been a reason behind inventing anything new. I do not know how many other places use such food in past and now in present, This dish Came to me from my mom and I loved to consume this when I was a child. So its easy to know how much kid friendly this delicacy could be. Even my brother being picky eater never made fuss to eat this. 

And there my dad would be telling us story behind it. People in olden days when they used to move on for travelling to purchase goods or any works which keeps them away from home for longer time and also they knew they wont know where they have to spend time, if food will be available to them or not. It would have been pretty tough to travel unlike these days where we find everything handy :)  Those people used to take Poha along with them, Poha which we call chuda was used as staple food during traveling. There is another thing called chawwal bhunna (Roasted Rice) even this was carried to fill in hunger during emergency.

Well I exactly cannot say how they used to eat during travelling as there r various ways to consume poha. May be this method was also used im not sure, Depends upon availability during those days Such an unpredictable journey they used to start with :)  So my dad would give a little glimpse of past conditions and food as he starts to eat. Many of us do It too its un-intentional though but we do tend to speak when we eat something which reminds us of past.

Let me forward myself to Present!!!!

We simply call dahi chuda kela coz there no particular name for this. And this food was forgotten from long until  one fine day I started to carve for this :) And as I was making this How could I forget sharing it here?

A Treat To Beat Summer Heat As Well

This recipe is very simple and very easy on tummy
One can consume it as whole meal, evening snacks or light breakfast, give kids for their lunch box Its simply refreshing and packed with energy and nutrition, so mothers need not think twice before making this for their kids. Also if one suffering from loose motion, this is the best thing to eat!!!


1 and half cup Flat Rice / beaten rice (Poha) Any type
Banana 2 (important ingredient)
Curd - 3/4th cup
Sugar as needed
Coconut Shredded 1/2 cup 
Milk as needed may be around 1 cup or more depending upon consistency


- Wash Poha in water 2-3 times so that dusty particles get wash off
- Let the poha rest in a bowl after draining water it might be flat grains sticking to each other.

- After few mins we might see that poha has absorbed water and become individual full formed soft grains like that of cooked rice.

- Add in banana, curd, sugar and mash it well using your hands
- Once banana is mashed it might look as a thick sticky paste, Now is the time to add in milk and bring it to porridge consistency. 
- Add in grated / shredded coconut to this and this is ready!!!
- We can eat as it is, or chilled depends on your likes and time to eat

Also can be served as dessert If you plan to make it more rich by adding fried nuts, ghee and some cream make it rich your own way and nobody will ever know what is the base of whole concept until u speak :)


- Proportion of curd milk and sugar might vary according to your taste and availability
- Milk helps to thin the mixture to porridge consistency and also reduce the tangines of curd if any
- Can be kept in fridge if you got extra and eat next day. In case it turns a little sour due to curd feel free to add milk this will again normalize the taste 
- I never tried adding nuts to it as this is in itself a yummy treat :)
- Gud for people who need a simple food diet.
- A Best remedy for loose motions thats when we remember this :P
- If sending for lunch box make sure not to add much curd or use fresh curd so that it does not turn much tangy, It will be fine if your child is tangy food lover. Otherwise make adjustments with adding more milk than curd
- If you like omit milk and add water instead, it will give a different taste. But milk gives u a rich creamier version and fine taste to eat


Soft, Sweet, Tangy and Chewy The whole blend makes a perfect Taste for any time :)

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  1. Delicious and refreshing dish.. Looks interesting.

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    1. Do try it for your kid nilu :) Hope all of you will like it :)

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  6. Lovely looking poha recipe..

  7. This sounds very tasty - I love the use of banana with coconut and yogurt. It reminds me of a rice pudding - only healthier!

  8. Very interesting poha, fantastic.


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