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A Special Drink For Special Sunday Feel Royal Over The Taste!! A super Duper Quick Combo To Cherish With!!

Old readers of my blog shall remember Rooh Afza Almondy Lassi Which I posted On my 1 month of blogging!! That was the 1st click I had in my blog Which was So attractive, My bro saw and said is it u clicked it? I proudly said Yes It was all a different experience and a start to my photography with a normal vga webcam What a pain it was to get the pics clicked as it showed to naked eyes with lighting problem I faced in my room. 

Luckily now my bro gave our old digi cam to me and I take pleasure to click from Kitchen Rite away!! But I owe my webcam a lot It was my start and I learnt how to adjust and get fine tuned pic of my subject in very little place I can get around my desktop, I learnt some tricks to get it right too
What a hard working girl I am lolz!! But Honestly a Gud pic means alot to the blogger as well as the reader. As for my experience people go ahead with reading only when they like the pic. Photos are Witness towards the taste They might find when they try out any recipe from ur space in future. 

If one is thinking why am I sharing all this, U r right to think, But I cant stop myself!!! Today is my 75th Post In this Blogging World and of course few lovely guest post from friends too. After Being Into blogging Since March 2013 Ive learnt various thing. In which one was Not to hurry!! Its not a race course Its our much loved blog where we share our passion. Here we cannot insist people to read or visit our space and always keep commenting to ur new posts, praising our efforts etc etc It took me time to get adjusted But Now im totally fine with what I do. I love to write out my heart when Im in mood to blog and land up with long long texts :) Thank u all for coping up with me.

Rooh afza lassi was Kind of Blockbuster With the highest hits and comment!! It is a Hit at my home too :)

Coming back to this another hit of Lassi Too simple to be made. and yumm to taste!!!

One Sunday I just started venturing abt lassi and wanted to try this combo. As usual my bro was there around me and seeing what I was doing. Though he is a gud cook himself But U know foodie bro n sis have special bonding 

Enough Of my Bla Bla lets get back to the recipe :D


Yogurt - 1.5 - 2 cups
Milk 2cups
Water 1.5 cups
Sugar According to taste
Cardamon Powder - One Fat pinch or more if needed
Kesar / Saffron 2-3 strands 
If u dont have cardamom powder and kesar seperately Kesri Milk masala will do the job
Pistachio - 2tbsp sliced


- Blend in all the ingredients except Pistachio n flavorings.
- Mix in the flavorings Chill It. Serve when needed.
- If not preparing ahead reduce the quantity of water and Add ice cubes while blending.
- Garnish with Pistachio And serve chilled!!


- If u want Very Rich and creamy lassi Dont add water, Just stay with milk. (my drink is a little diluted as we dont like it very creamy form, Since Ive added nuts I wanted to have the consistency of drink and chew not just sip it) Choice is urs.
- I would suggest to prepare it ahead and keep it in fridge at least for half hr for flavors to infuse well.
- If u have kesari milk masala pls go ahead adding it according to ur taste. (I personally prefer adding everest kesri milk masala which do a gud job for me) There shall be no compromise in taste Quality
- If u want to stick with just kesar, then add few more kesar strands to warm milk and allow it to rest. add to curd and blend. 
- Im not giving measurements for sugar. Pls go ahead adjusting according to ur own taste.


- Flavorings with chilled Yogurt combined too well
- Adding Pistachio Gave the whole thing a different dimension of taste

My whole family enjoyed the drink throughly. Surely there is no place for judgement and reviews when Such a yummy drink is served after meals 

Do Prepare this simple drink and make ur Day special :)

Sending this to Cooking With White

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  1. I love this combinations. Looks great.
    btw we learn with life experiences. And acceptance of things makes life beautiful. Keep rocking. As I said before you have natural talent

  2. I want to drink virtually this drink :D

  3. elaichi nd lassi s indeed a great combo!! lovely place dr... happy to follow u
    Ongoing Event-Back 2 School

  4. Delicious lassi Aara. Love it,I add elaichi in mango lassi looks perfect. congrats on your 75th post, your photos looks very nice.

  5. Yummy. . . . A G+ for ur post and Have a Nice Day. . . :)

  6. Thats a wonderful, flavourful and delicious refreshing lassi..congrats on 75th post..

  7. congrats on ur 75th post. Wish u many more posts to come :)
    The lassi looks so creamy and wonderful
    thanks for linking at my event.
    Please read the rules and follow them. U have to share about the event at ur FB page, follow me on GFC, FB and twitter. Please do this:) Thanks again

  8. Awesome lassi! Love it :)



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