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Royal Nutty Rose Milk

Royal Nutty Rose Milk

Rose is Something Which Attracts many people just by its Name, And when its with milk??? Yumm flavored and Healthy Drink Packed Together!! Some Indian Flavors Like Rose, Kesar, Badam Etc Gives a sense of Royalness in their taste so as this drink with a little of its intro playing its part at my home :)

I know its not new for many of us! But yet many still are not aware of this yummy drink!! My relatives who ever taste this have a question always on "how do u make this?" And my aunt who lives in orrisa,  her family is completely crazy, This drink is a must make when they visit us! Though its simple I still dint get why they arent able to make it themselves well gud for mom she is always in demand for many of her cooking skills ;)

Today Im sharing this fav drink of my family and clicked pictures today not because we had some guests or Im trying to beat Chennai Heat in Cool Winters which never enters Chennai lolz. But Since we are in the beginning Of New Islamic Year which is Called Muhrram my family and relatives have a ritual to make and chilled drink on 6th day and Recite Fatiha (Prayer) distribute the drink among Family Friends & Relatives and Also to Poor needy or the one very thirsty. I actually do not know the root of the reason why this is done but ok no Questions on something I dont know! When I tried to know from mom what drink our relatives make at Village? she says nothing I was almost shrugging my shoulders and asked her then why we do this? She said we had been doing since long, She dont have an answer and Im sure my relatives who follow it also dont know why they do certain things, Many muslims do this and many dont!! so lets not think and get on with this yummy drink :)

Serves - 4 - 5
Level - Very Easy

Milk - 1 liter Full Cream
Water - 1cup
Sugar - 5- 6 tablespoon According To your taste
Rooh Afza - 2-3 tablespoon or any brand of Rose Syrup
Almonds - 1 tablespoon
Pistachio - 1 tablespoon

- Blanch and Slice Almonds and Pistachio in advance or you may do later too.
- Boil Milk & water in a pot and Add Sugar Less than Sweet Enough for your taste 
- Boil the milk in low for 3-4 mins till the sugar melts into the milk and gets cooked for a while (this step is important)
- Cool down the milk and Add Rooh Afza mix it ( Add enough just to give rose flavor and light pink color) Also see notes!!
- Add in blanched and sliced nuts 
- Chill it and Serve!!!

Enjoy the Drink by Crunching Nuts In Every Sip

- Full Cream milk gives a richer taste. If you are diet conscious you can used skimmed milk too
-  Adding sugar to boiling milk and cooking for a min or 2 gives the whole thing a very rich taste. The density which we will obtain by doing this will increase the taste to a different level. But its optional!!
- If you already have chilled milk add in powdered sugar, as granulated sugar may not dissolve soon.
- You may proceed consuming the drink without nuts too but nuts give such a nice flavor in every sip we hardly can avoid.
- You may skip nuts and add soaked basil seeds this again is an amazing combo!!
- My relatives who sent their had added chorinji as well.
- The reason why I said to add sugar lesser than your sweet level was that when we add rose syrup it will have certain amount of sugar consistency and that will balance the taste.
- Light pink color is more appealing and gud to taste flavor wise compared to more rose syrup added which become dark pink and too much rosy and heavy in flavor.
We always prefer Rooh afza when it comes to rose syrup as it gives the perfect taste of natural flavor which we are used to. We had tasted other brands rose syrup and essence such as Himalayas etc but never got  better taste out of it.  But still this should not become a reason for u to not try out this drink :) 
- If you like you may add some rose petals while serving for the Real kind of royal look but I dont assume it much sensible as many people may not like to having rose petals Disturbing their drink, Specially when u have nuts along to munch

This is just a perfect Drink for all time and Occasions.
If you ask me to describe this drink in short?? I would just say
A Royal Treat!!!!
So What are you waiting for? Try out this Royal Nutty Drink Yourself and Know the Difference!!

Also do let me know how you liked it :)

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  1. Yummy sharbat Aara.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. A very tasty drink and love the use of pistachios with the rose milk...

  3. luks refreshing.. v always add rooh afza too mch which i thnk spoils the taste...ll try ur version too

    1. Yes Hasna Thats the mistake many of us make adding too much of rose syrup thinking it will taste gud, But it actually spoils the taste to the core! Do try this way and let me know how it turned out :)

  4. We have some sort of the same type of drink over here. Yet I am loving the role of the nuts and the attractive color.

    1. It is actually very attractive! we were lacking pistachio and I asked my dad to get some just for sake of clicking and also the taste for sure :) I hope my clicks do the justification!! :)

  5. looks too good... i always make my rose milk with basil seeds but never nuts,,, should try this...

    1. Rose milk with basil seeds is very refreshing to taste and soothing to tummy!! I love that combo as well! This nutty ones comes under special list to treat yourself, Do try it Raff im sure u'll love it :)

  6. got good collection , like your recipes :) do visit my place Recipes Passion happy blogging.. have a food day :)

  7. first time here. following you. your rose milk looks great. heard it for the first time and loved it too. do visit my space during ur free time

  8. Love the addition of almonds and pistachio...looks so creamy and yum...

  9. Different states have diff versions I think. At my place for 7 & 9 moharram we make fennel seed sharbat. At my moms place it is made with nuts , milk & poppy seeds. Your version looks yummy too.

    Btw sharbat is distributed among all in general to remember the people who remained thirsty for days in heat without water & food. So you will find lots of pots on every chauraha during this period of ten days. In short, it is the remembering the sufferings.

  10. Looks so so delicious!!!! So totally yumm!!

  11. delicious drink n love the heart hanging at the right corner :-)


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