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No Bake No Cheese White Pasta

No Bake No Cheese White Pasta

No cheese No Bake Yes you read me right!!

If you had tried pasta in white sauce before you might wonder how no bake and no cheese in the recipe??? If you havent tasted before pls follow the recipe and go ahead making it. Its so simple and when It comes to food I am so Honest with my taste and my readers :) Since It is no cheese and still yummy to taste, I can count it in Low Fats Version.

I always avoided trying this dish for 2 reasons, 1st was baking! I dont have an oven... And next is using cheese, Me and my family are not much of cheese likers so we dont get cheese at all, unless me or my bro wants to make pizza we get mozzarella cheese. When ever I saw recipes of white sauce pasta I would talk to myself, One day i'll make it for sure, one day and one day went on many months :P So that one day came on one sunday Last week and im here with my own version of No Cheese No Bake White pasta :P

Yes I did some homework too!! To get the core points bfr jumping in to proceed So It isnt really Difficult.

Level: Easy
Preparation Time: 15-20 mins
Cooking Time: 10 mins

Pasta - 1 cup (Any Kind)
Full Cream milk - 1 cup + more if needed
Water 1/2 cup
Maida / All purpose flour - 4tsp
Oil - 1tbsp + 1tsp + some more while boiling pasta
Butter - 1tbsp
Pepper powder & salt According to taste

Vegetables taken in use.
Capsicum - 1 diced medium size
Sweetcorn - 3 tbsp / as much as desired
Carrot - 1 diced small in size
Can take more veggies of ur choice I had only these available


How to boil Pasta:
- In a pan take lots of water, add little oil as well, boil pasta for a minute or 2 and leave it to rest in the same water for 15-20 mins with lid closed. This will make sure pasta absorbs enough water as much as it needs and also dont become soggy. Drain the water and keep this aside. you can mix in some oil at this stage to prevent it from sticking.

Working with veggies - In a wok take 1tsp oil and add veggies, saute it for a minute or 2. Keep it along with pasta.

For Sauce:
Option 1 - In the same pan add 1tbsp oil add maida and stir for a while lumps may for at some cases not to worry.
- Now add milk and water and cook in medium till mixture gets thicken nicely (Sauce consistency. Keep stirring to break the lumps if formed any and also to avoid burning.
Option 2
If you are not sure of adding maida to oil, then mix it with milk and water, heat it over pan stirring it continuously so that thick sauce forms as the flour cooks. This way u can omit that extra tbsp of oil :P and use more butter instead on later part 

- Add pasta and veggies add salt butter and pepper powder mix it well, adjust to the taste. 
- Adjust the consistency of white sauce. If u feel its too thick u may add some more milk/ water and adjust it accordingly.

- You are done!! Pasta in white sauce is ready to be served!!

Serve It Hot and Enjoy the delicious taste yummm!!

Is Reheating Possible?
As it cools down it becomes very thick and stick like a whole mass You can easily reheat it over stove.

- In a pan add milk and water accordingly to the amount of pasta to be reheated. Once milk start boiling put this mass sticky pasta to hot milk and now using spoon try to loosen up the whole thing!! As it loosen up it will get back to right consistency as it boils.
- Adjust the taste by adding salt, pepper and butter accordingly!!

As my bro was not there I had Kept his share in fridge and served him next day!! So Im very sure about this part of reheating! And It taste much better next day :P How much I wished I could grab his share as well :P lolz

- If you are using skimmed milk do not use water anywhere in the recipe. Use milk throughout instead of water too.
- You can use dried herbs and chilli flakes as ur taste desire.
- Do not over cook the veggies as we need little crunch from them while eating.
- It gave cheesy taste without cheese itself, but if u wish add 1tbsp cheese at the end and mix. 
- After boiling pasta when its kept to rest, make sure u stir it after every 10 mins so that it dont stick.
- Do not forget to add butter It bring out real gud taste to the whole thing.
- you can use 2tsp maida and 2 tsp cornflour / 4tsp cornflour instead if maida is not available

I enjoyed my portion It was such yumm!! How did I miss this lovely thing all these years? :(

My Bro said : Ajkal ghar aane par poshtik Khane ko milta hai
(these days when I get back home im getting something healthy to eat)

Ahh so my experiment was paid with his satisfying words lolz

So may be next time i'll try adding cheese and check out the result!
And also was planning to experiment with the same with chicken!!

Stay Tuned!!

Do leave back ur valuable feed backs and tips if any towards the recipe :)

Bubye till next ......................

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  1. OMG so saucy and creamy <3

  2. Looking very creamy and delicious.

  3. This is so good, definitely a must try because anything simple to prepare is what I depend on. The balance of pasta I have will be made to good use for such a wonderful dish.

  4. Just mouthwatering...looks easy and delicious!

  5. Pasta with white sauce is one of my favorites. I make using my friend's recipe and it has cheese. You sure should try making with cheese and it will taste even better. Try adding mushrooms too. Lovely clicks. So we'll prepared and explained.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow so creamy...mouthwatering pasta..lovely click

  7. Wow so creamy...mouthwatering pasta..lovely click

  8. Wow that was so sweet that you kePt your brother's share, yeah true if I talk about myself I avoid cheese dear I just gain my Weight very quickly :-( no doubt tastes too good! And your pasta is looking gorgeous thanks for sharing dear love ~

  9. That looks lovely, yummy creamy pasta with veggies.

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    Shobas Delight

  12. Krishnakumar Hariharan26 November 2013 at 00:14

    luks yummy! your brother must be lucky !

  13. Delicious creamy without any cheese, love it. kids will like it.

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  15. ohh woow I tried recently with cheese.My kids love this.Will try with white sauce sooooon :)


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