Monday, 18 November 2013

Sweetcorn Cream Soup Indian Style

Sweetcorn Cream Soup Indian Style

My Guest Post For Gheza-e-Shiriin

This is a lovely soothing soup to taste buds for chilly winters. Taste bhi Health Bhi.

Last year we came to know how widely sweets corns are available in market. Once mom gradually brought corn to eat and we have roasted it over stove flame to eat it as it is. Mom when she tasted said it dosent seem gud she was disappointed and when I tasted I was doubting and trying to figure out what kind of breed it is :P seriously I can be so innocent. Gud for me that I had tasted sweetcorn kernel available in soup sachets  ;)) Since we had roasted it took me some time to recognize that its sweetcorn. 

My mom dint like it though but I was happy to know we get sweetcorn like this naturally rather sold in expensive packets what I had seen. Now I asked my mom to get Few whole sweetcorn so that I can freeze it for myself :D I started stored sweetcorn kernels you can check the recipe ( Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels ) And use as and when needed. When it was on the process mom tasted sweetcorn boiled and she loved it. Hence me and mom and sweetcorn lovers :P

This year when My mom brought Im kinda on and off dieting so as it contains high amount of natural sugar I was restricting myself consuming. I tried making sweet corn soup in my own way experimenting someway out. 

Today Im Doing a guest post Sweetcorn Cream Soup Indian Style For Huma Of Gheza-e-shiriin. She is a lovely down to earth person who I adore. And I simply love following her blog whole of simplicity shows in her style of writing. We became friends and keep chit chatting over fb :) yes thats the place I connect to many bloggers, but for some reason Huma stands special for me. 

This soup is simple with few Ingredients with more of my personal touch and Indian Flavor. When I tasted myself I was able to say only one thing. Yummy Its Different :) This soup is completely low in calories and fats! So u can try out anytime you like :P Even if ur dieting on and off like me lolz :D

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 Sweetcorn Cream Soup Indian Style

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  1. the soup looks tempting.. off 2 humi's space...

  2. Read the recipe and the great friendship between both of you. The soup is perfect, most welcomed for the rainy season we are currently facing.

  3. Glad to know more about you Aara and very happy to follow you. Nice guest post.

    On-going event: Dish it out
    Eat seasonal food, fresh

  4. Perfect soup..never tried any soup recipes..I think this is perfect to do

  5. lovely soup...never tried any soup recipes I think this is perfect to start


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