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Low Fats Creamy Gajjar Ka Halwa

Low Fats Creamy Gajjar Ka Halwa

Who Says Halwa Can Taste Gud Only when Lots of Ghee Nuts and Khoya is Added?

This is a very low fats Gajjar Ka Halwa Recipe And promises to be Really Rich and Yummy. 

Its almost 15 days that ive blogged! Thanks to my schedule and I had a short vacation with my family To ajmer, japur and then to nagpur! Trip was excellent and There r many things to share with my friends here! Insha Allah soon!! Mean while I have been into various thoughts and trauma's with things going around me. When I got back my PC wasnt working, Later catching up with UGC result and disappointment with disqualification etc etc etc So Life is suppose to go on like this. But Days time and things dont wait for us :D Its up to us to catch up with moving life!!!

Since now that im able to access my pc for I realized its Diwali Time. In spite I was in not mood to blog I want to part of this online celebrations going on.  As I was browsing thru my pics Folder I felt This is the right time to Post this Healthy Recipe and here it goes

This is kind of my own version the way me and my bro like to have it SOFT YUMMY AND JUICY too. There R various ways to make this halwa. It totally depends upon the taste on how you like it.  

Ingredients :

Large Carrots 4-5 
1 tbsp Ghee
Sugar - 1/4th cup Or more depending upon your taste. (I keep it to moderate)
Milk - 1/2 liter
Cardamom - 2-3
Nuts Of Ur Choice For Garnishing


- Shred Carrots making use of bigger size grater is gud according to me

- In a Non Stick Pan Probably Add Ghee and Shredded Carrots. 

- Cook it till the raw smell of carrot goes and The carrots are shrunk to half of its original size when added. and color changes a little.

- Add Boiled Milk and cardamon, Cook it well.

- Once milk is absorbed little, Add Sugar and mix it well.

- After adding sugar, it will ooze out more liquid to the cooking mixture, keep cooking in medium flame without letting it get burnt.

- After few mins you will see ur mixture get thick and juicy consistency You are done. 

- Serve It warm / in room temp with sliced nuts of ur choice!! (See Notes)


- Shredding Carrot thick gives a pleasant texture while eating. If grated minute you may not feel the texture and juiciness 
- I have added 2% fats milk, you may add skimmed milk or full cream milk depending upon how much rich you like it.
- you may add khoya but This version is totally different. There is no need for milkmaid or khoya to enhance the taste because the cooking process of sugar and milk with carrot is enough to bring out all the flavors.

- Add sugar according to your taste. I always add to moderate level as my family likes
- Serving it Hot I found it dont show up any taste. When It was consumed with dropped temperature, It gave out the real taste which me and my bro were carving for. 
- It will get more thick as it cools down, Any point you want to re heat it, Add a little more sugar and milk and cook for 2-3 min, this will maintain the sugar balance as well as the juiciness of Halwa will remain without getting altered in its taste and texture.
- Though I always want halwa to have milky taste, I dint feel I should add condensed milk. If u wish to have much richer taste of milk you can go ahead adding condensed milk too. But as the heading says low fats. You can trust that The milk added is enough to give a nice creamy taste to the whole thing :)

It was all enough for a Family of Four and We wanted to have more and more!!

Soft, Creamy, Juicy With Balanced Texture, Taste and Sweetness

Do make this yummy guilt free treat and Njoy with your family :)

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  1. Welcome back.would love to know more about your trip.
    Btw halwa looks delicious

    1. Thank you dear! Insha Allah i'll make a post abt it, Gotta Settle down with my pc issues 1st :)

  2. I love Gajar halwa. These days, I make gajar halwa with almond milk. It is so good!

    To make almond milk, I soak 1/4 cup of almonds in boiling water, and grind it to a fine paste using little water. I then mix almond paste with 1 cup of water to make almond milk..

    1. kumudha thank u for your feedback!! Ive seen almond milk recipes vegans use. But ur explantion is making me try out this almond milk variation. Thank you once again! I shall try your version soon :)

  3. I am loving the twist, the low fat factor for this halwa. Very nice and tempting.

  4. this is really awesome dear ,carrot halwa in a healthy form

  5. So well prepared, presented and explained Aara.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank u and your welcome :) hope u try out some day :D and share ur feedback

  6. just the way i make my gajar ka halwa!!! :) welcome back dear... hope to see u in action, once all ur pc issues are settled!!! :)

  7. Beautifully done, who can resist to this wonderful gajar ka halwa,makes me drool.

  8. Yummy rich and creamy yet low in fat,wonderful

  9. Just realized we are not yet connected,happy to follow you,would appreciate if you can follow me back :)

  10. Wow, loved ur low calorie version. i too make similarly but add little more ghee ;)

  11. You have sent this recipe to Spotlight : Festive treat 2..I can't save your image to make round-up of the event. please send me a pic of this recipe to []

  12. Wow aara i just love the presentation of your carrot Halwa it's too good.. i am impressed.. Thanks God u havn't seen mine lolx.. U r great chef (y)


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