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Chicken Haleem Pakistani Style

Chicken Haleem Pakistani Style

Today on Blog Is Chicken Haleem Pakistani Style

Pakistani style? ummm yes today im  Crossing the boundaries of India and Dragging +Monu Teena To My Space For her Lovely Chicken Haleem Recipe Which she learnt from her mother in law! 

Also to share my joy here! My Blog has Crossed 50k views and reached 100 Followers by now this week! Im so Glad Thank you all of you for all the love and support I keep receiving :)

So to Introduce Monu as a blogger She blogs at RecipesPassion ! She has wonderful and simple recipes in her space! And when I talk to her she is all bubbly chubbly in her ways, talk, and nature :) Its all fun to be along with such lively bloggers! When I had asked her for a guest post She was all excited and finally we ended deciding for haleem which she said she makes too well as she had learnt from her MIL. Im Glad she got such a wonderful loving MIL. 

Getting back to the guest post lets see what she has to say!!

Hi Guys....  I am Monu Teena from Pakistan. Recently blogging on RecipesPassion. Well to me cooking is more than a passion for me. I am one of those who are inspired from nature which has a huge reflection on my cuisines. I try to keep the royal traditional essence in my cuisines. And, I also try to blend colors with smell to create a new taste. Because what you eat is what you are.
I have a vast experience in cooking, baking since I was only 10. It’s been almost 16 years passed. But I still call myself a learner. I would love to have your recommendation & suggestions.
Other than my passion, I am Engineer by profession and a student of MBA.

 I met Aara for the first time on blogger. And I was invited for a guest post by her.

Today our main objective is just to introduce Pakistani traditional food. I am done with chicken Haleem. Haleem/Daleem is one of the popular foods in Asia and middle east. It has been for many centuries & a special importance in Islamic History. It is usually prepared in the Islamic month of Muharram in hijri calendar. Haleem is made of meat, lentils, wheat/ Barely and spices. Recipe varies from region to region.
Time to just move on to the recipe.. So let's start with the ingredients


Ingredients you will need : 

0.5 Kg chicken/Boneless (can use Mutton or beef) 
125 gm Gram lentil 
50 gm Rice 
350gm Whole wheat 
50 gm White lentils
1/2  tbsp Ginger paste 
1/2 tbsp Garlic Paste
3/4 cup Yogurt
2 Onion  chopped 
2 Tomatoes chopped
3 Green chilies
few Coriander leaves
4 tbsp of oil

Spices & Seasonings
1 tbsp Red Chili flakes
1/2  tsp Turmeric  powder
1/2 tbsp Coriander powder 
1/2 tsp Cumin powder 
Salt  to taste
1/4 tsp all spice powder/Garam masala  

To Garnish
1 piece ginger cut into julienne
Brown onion  (cut the 2 medium sized onions in julienne and deep fry ) as required
Lemon  1-2

Steps to follow:
- Soak  the whole wheat, gram lentil, white lentils, rice in water and leave it for 3 to 4 hours. 
- Boil The soaked above mixture in low heat till everything is mixed and mashed up.
- In a deep pan fry the onions in oil till golden brown. Add ginger garlic then tomatoes, spices and the seasonings.
- After that add the chicken pieces. Pour Water cover the lid and let it cook on low heat, till chicken pieces are tender.
- Now Blend the Whole wheat mixture. To this now add the spicy chicken mixture and blend again.
- Delicious chicken haleem is Ready now!
- Serve it hot With Naan/ Bread
- Garnish it with Lemon, Chillies Coriander and Fried Onion.

Thank u Monu for your lovely recipe! and I know making haleem is not a simple task! it really takes a very long time and patience to make it! Thank you For such a lovely guest post and pic! Hope to Get more Traditional recipes from you in near future!!

Happy Blogging!!

Please visit her blog for more simple Pakistani cuisine 

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Check out her space for more!! 

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  1. wah wah lovely guest post, i too had made chicken haleem, still lying in my drafts folder,,,,,.... :)

  2. Hmmmm .. That looks super tempting ..
    Event announcement - let's cook for Christmas
    Do link your entries .

  3. awwww wow yaar Aara.. dear ! my recipe wasn't that good But the way you presented too good .. the way you explained your post is Excellent. You are such a darling.. I wasn't expecting that much yaar! tumnay to bht taaref kr de mairee mjy hazam nhi ho rahe hahaaha.. tum b bht achee ho ! thanks yaar Love You ~ Bless You Muah :*

  4. Love ths dish. Perfectly made. Happy to follow u. If you get time please visit my space too.

  5. Great presentation and looks so yum!

  6. lovely guest post... looks absolutely awesome..

  7. lovely guest post... love the way the haleem looks... slurp...

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  10. Very nice guest post Aara and a wonderful recipe. Looks delicious.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  12. Congratulations Aara on hitting your milestones. Lovely guest post & delicious looking haleem. Monu, nice to know more about you :)

  13. Thanks for writing this wonderful post.


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