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This is a unique flavorful Khichdi which I fell in Love with at very 1st try!! Simple to make Delightful to taste!!

Many a times It happens that u browse for something and land up finding many things in a website, specially a foodie wants to browse in everything which the author has to offer us!! Before I started blogging, I was the person who used to subscribe email to all the blogs which I liked Just not to miss their updates!! I enjoyed receiving all the updates though but now being a blogger myself, Im always having an eye on fellow bloggers updates and much more!!!!

Similarly I was browsing for kala channa curry and got directed to Sindhirasoi the recipe looked genuine and my kind, I tried it out and loved the taste n flavor both!! I started browsing more and thats where I came across this Mirani Khichdi!! As ingredients were handy, and procedure very simple I gave a shot trying this out!!!

Lets have a quick look towards the recipe!!!

Toor Daal    ¾ cup
Masoor Daal(red)  ¼ cup
Rice   ½cup
Tomatoes finely chopped  2 medium sized
Curry leaves   - few
Turmeric Powder  ¼ tsp
Red Chilli Powder   1tsp
Salt     To taste
Mustard Seeds   ¼tsp
Oil for tempering  3tbsp(or less)
Hing   ¼ tsp


-Soak rice and dal together for ½ an hr.

-Take water in a pressure cooker enough to make khichhdi, put salt, turmeric and red chilli powder

-Add in soaked daal and rice stir, add chopped tomato, curry leaves and mix properly
close the cooker and let it pressure cook for 3 to 4 whistle

-Take it off the fire and let the steam release on its own, when all the pressure is released, open the lid and mash daal and rice with a wooden masher

-Add more water if needed to get liquid consistency for khichhdi.

-Give it a boil before tempering, for tempering heat oil in a small pan add hing to it, put in mustard seeds, when crackle add in Sambhar powder and pour this tempering over the khichhdi.

- Serve it with Papad , Chips, Pickle, Or any kind of Savory!!!

I had it along with savory mixture!!! Also added a little ghee for touch up!! Simple yet Total Fulfilling indulgence :)

Notes From Me:

- Make sure u add enough water while pressure cooking or else it may stick at bottom.

- I always added curry leaves for tempering but 1st time seen curry leaves added while pressure cooking!! I was waiting for it to be cooked and see what result it gives, But there was nothing wrong!! I was all perfect and very flavorful!!!

- When adding sambar masala to oil for tempering just let it be for a while and add to khichdi. letting it be for longer time may burn the masala. 

- you may add more sambar masala and spices later if u want, let it be acording to ur taste!!
- May add some coriander leaves
- It may thicken!! so u can add water and adjust the consistency

- Adding ghee at last is nice idea!! without it also it taste great

- I kept tasting time and then to get the perfection of spice in case required but it was all perfect!!

- Adding more sambar powder may increase the spice effect so be careful as we have added chilli powder also, Incase u omit chilli powder then you can increase the amt of sambar powder

- since daals are added its protein rich too, and easily digestable so can be given to diabetic patients too

So So Perfect for Lazy / Busy Days!! takes less time and attention to be prepared!!!

I can say Its a kind of mild version of sambar rice, yet perfect for a lazy/ busy treat!!! 

Cooking With Seeds: Rice

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  1. Lovely looking khichdi.. Something new to me too :)

  2. This looks interesting, a lazy lunch treat... :)

    1. haha yess!!! As im a lazy blogger and lazy person too this is perfect for me :D Do try :)

  3. Replies
    1. Sangeetha :) though I wasnt able to do much justice to khichdi with the pic, I tried my best to make it presentable :) Thank u for the like!! Do Try and let me know :)

  4. wow looks so so delicious and tempting dear :) such an healthy kichidi .. loving it !!

  5. Wat a comforting food,who will say no to it..inviting..

  6. sounds yummy..interesting recipe


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