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Working with Golden Gram/ Green Gram / Moong daal is something I like alot Recently!! Some Reasons Include That its workable for quick fix cooking. Where as other daals take atleast 3-4 hrs of soaking time or more  This my 1st Post on Rice Varieties!!!

I had been at my grandma's place since Eid and bfr that it was circumstances which was making me dance to its tunes! I had no time to sit and draft my much loved long posts for blog coz all the recipes I have are some way inter linked to each other so Im in no mood to hurry just for the sake of posting. Now that im back to home I decided not to neglect my bloggy baby anymore :)

When appearing for an exam in month of June I wanted to make something ahead and keep, and take it as for lunch the next day, also keeping in mind it dosent turns sour/ bad / change its texture by the time I get to consume it. Some Rice variety was a better option so without disturbing mom I started my venture

I had nothing in my mind when I came up with this Rice recipe, Which was nothing much but my another inventory. I was kinda doing experiment as I proceeding with the cooking I was really not sure what and how it would turn out but as usual figures cross :P Hoping to make something eatable atleast anyhow its me who will eat so no worries. 

So Here Goes My Flavorful Experiment!!


Golden Gram / Moong daal - 1/4th cup soaked in water
Garlic pods 5-6 chopped
mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Dry chillies - 2-3
Onion chopped - 1 large / 2 medium size
Green chillies - 2 chopped
Coconut Grated 1/4th cup
Rice one big bowl. (cooked!! Preferably 1 day old kept in fridge)
Oil 2 tablespoon
Salt - as per needed
sugar a fat pinch
pepper powder - drizzle for little flavorful seasoning
vinegar - little
Curry leaves 1 spring
Ghee 2 tsp

- In a Pan heat oil add in mustard seeds, as it crackles Add in soaked moong daal (water drained) and cook it till half done. It might tend to become watery, but as we keep stirring while cooking the moisture may evaporate leaving only moong daals. 

- Add Chopped Garlic, Dry red chilles, Onion, green chillies, salt  and cook till nice aroma comes, care should be taken that onion dont turn soft, Should have some amt of crunchiness when we eat later on.

- Add in grated coconut and toss it well and cook for another min till it start giving nice aroma.

- Add in rice and mix it well. Add in sugar, Vinegar, Pepper Powder and Adjust the taste according to you!! (Remember I was not sure What I was making) When I tasted It was just like Rice I would keep making around with left over rice, There was nothing spl abt what was prepared Just that it wont go waste atleast. So This part dint please me much though!! But I carried out with my seasoning With something else Running in my mind 

- Close the Lid and Allow the rice to get cooked along the mixture well, This allows to infuse flavors into rice, As well as mom says, Heating up rice this way in low flame would make sure It dosent get spoiled up soon   so for this part im  gud girly listening to my moms words :D

- Once this is done Remove the rice in a bowl. Keep it aside. 

- Heat ghee in the same pan and add in curry leaves ( What an aroma Releases )

- Add in the bowl rice again and mix it well. Check in for adjustment of salt/ pepper etc And your ready to serve. 

- Eat it as it is, Or Along with some Papad etc its your choice. I enjoyed eating as it was!!


- For such Rice Recipes I always Like to use Rice kept in fridge a day old at least. This makes sure When we cook the rice again it dosent get mashed up. Fresh rice can get mashed up when reheated, unless and until its 3/4th done!! but here we are not making biriyani to cook rice only 3/4th done!! So always best to use fully cooked rice only!!

- You may increase of decrease the quantity of rice depending upon the basic mixture prepared ofcourse one would not like too much of rice and less flavors / Too much of strong flavor with less rice, Go with your instinct to balance Both!!

- I love to add coconut in some recipes which gives very nice taste.

- You may omit vinegar. 

- Be careful in adding salt, as your cooked rice might have salt added already!! Do not omit adding salt coz the whole taste might depend on the final seasoning adjustments

- Adding pepper powder was a gud choice It gave nice flavor to the whole thing.

- I wanted the rice little garlicy But adding 5-6 pods was not a bad idea It got in combined much well without dominating its flavor.

- You may adjust spice level by adding more green chillies. I used just 2-3 as my spice level remains moderate 

I had cooked this rice in the night bfr taking it for lunch next day to exam. I had heated it in low flame for almost 10-15 mins, keeping lid closed as explained above ( stir in every 5 mins to avoid the bottom of pan getting churned ) Cool down the rice again and keep it in fridge. If your place climate is gud enough (not very humid) just leave it as it is. 
Next day morning I did the final seasoning of ghee and curry leaves, warm up packed in my lunch box and done :)

Since I knew I would fall short of time I had to work in installments like this. If your preparing this recipe for some1 else (hubby/kids) and got lots of time in hand to do it, Pls go along with the recipe as explained above keeping the whole process fresh fresh!!! 

All the flavors were in tact, As we ate, we could feel the crunchiness of onion, Gratings of coconut, Flavors of garlic, Ghee and yes not to forget the moong daal was accommodating Too well with the whole thing. One would just need a peaceful mind to enjoy it!! Me and my friends can enjoy this in stress of exams too

When I tasted this in morning after 2nd seasoning I was totally flat over the taste and Wanted to Pat my back lolzz

I had kept some for my parents and bro, asked them to eat as it was yumm but I got no idea who ate n who dint!!

My Friends Liked it!! Splly my friend Uma She asked me the procedure and almost had a mini attack of shock as I explained her. She is the one who likes everything fresh and Does not encourage to keep any edible in fridge for re-use!! For this re-use thingy I dont know If she is nuts or We r nuts lolzz Either of it is difficult to break hehe!!

Though I dint wanted to say her What exactly I did to save my time but I had said her abt the re-heating process I couldnt lie though. Uma had to accept on what she was eating as It tasted really Yumm!! 

Though I wanted to post this recipe very much the day I made Coz it was difficult for me to resist posting such wonderful recipe!! But Alas I dont remember what held me back & If one knows me well Im a very lazy Blogger here :) I love taking my own sweet time 

Sending this to Friends Forever
Cooking With Seeds: Rice

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