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Ande Ki Mithai / Egg Halwa

Ande Ki Mithai / Egg Halwa

Surely this is very unique as it sounds!! We hear lots of different halwas then why not with egg too?

Every Since I started blogging and being a part of HCG in fb Ive come across amazing set of people who are more or less just like me!! Who like to cook and try out all new things!! As I said Earlier in my guest post, Im trying to bring in all non blogger friends So that we dont miss out their yummies.

Introducing another foodie friend of mine Reema Haseeb!! Ive been seeing her post from long, But As my nature Its difficult for me to make new friends quickly!! But blogging changed another attitude of me!! Im easy to talk and interact with anyone these days :) Reema Made Rasgulla's from my blog and happy sharing her result to me, also her relatives tried out her update on rasgulla in her page and it was really cherishing moment for me and her both hehe.I finally decided to see Reema's Profile and was shocked to see that she is studied in same college in which I have studied. I took no time to send her add req and was looking forwards to talk more. To Surprise me more she said she is from 96 batch so she is much much super senior to me :D we enjoyed quiet a bit of talking and the recipes which she shares is mind blowing!! She has her own family and friends supporting which is really awesome to look at. 

She loves to cook and learn I was really surprised at her passion towards cooking. When I invited her to do guest post for me, she dint give a 2nd thought before agreeing and just ask what i would like to have as guest post, wow!!! Though It took some time to get into action as she was sick but its worth all the wait!!

Lets see what she has to say about herself!!

I am Reema Haseeb ,a teacher by profession and a chef at heart...My love for cooking goes back as a kid when I used to watch my mom try out new dishes everyday.....I used to wonder if I would ever remember the names of the spices that flavored the dishes......
Though I pursued my career as a teacher( which I continue to this day) I never forgot to ' give thought to food ' because food at my place is not just a meal but an experience and before I knew I had started sharing recipes with my near and dear ones which led to the birth of my baby Rimzyskitchen .
I believe that however difficult each recipe is ....I got to make it simple for my friends who trust me ....My critics are the most difficult people to please and those are my kids....

Andey ki Mithai

This is a traditional sweet made in my house for years more than four generations with the same amount of ingredients and same proportion .....Nowadays its baked in the oven but mom says my grandmother used to bake with charcoal all around the copper pan and it used to hours to make as the cooking and baking process is done in the same copper pan....
The best part of this sweet is that anyone can get the same result and my family weddings are incomplete without this sweet and decorating with silver paper is a simple way to make this sweet look beautiful
This sweet is mixture of eggs,khoya,sugar,ghee and nuts......All these ingredients are cooked together and baked to get this awesome sweet.....

Eggs- 4 Unsweetened Khoya or mawa -250 gms Sugar - 250gms Ghee- 70 gms Paste of 25 Almonds Semolina soaked in milk - 1 tbsp in 1/4 cup milk for 10 minutes Saffron - few threads Sliced almonds - as required for decoration Silver paper for decoration ( optional )

1) In a mixer add the eggs .Blend for a minute till its very fluffy .
2) In a non stick pan add the eggs,khoya,sugar,semolina,ghee,almond paste,saffron .Cook till the mixtures starts leaving the pan
3) Add this cooked mixture in a baking tray ,bake at 180C for 10 minutes
4) Remove the tray ,spread the sliced almonds and bake again for another 20 minutes till its light brown colour.
5) Make markings when its hot and cut into desired shapes ,decorate with silver paper.
Semolina is added to give texture and firmness to the sweet.You can adjust the sugar quantity depending on the sweetness you desire .Eggs have to be fluffy before cooking them
Happy cooking
" For people who love to cook and share recipes "

For more recipes from Reema Pls Visit Rimzy's kitchen I wish Reema soon starts her blog and become a part of our bloggers world :)

Thank you Reema for such wonderful post!! Will Look forward for more delicious recipes from you For Sure!!

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  1. wow..that is indeed a great feeling, is it not... meeting someone from ur some college/school/locality here in this virtual world !!!! this halwa indeed is really very to me...kudos to both of you !!!

  2. Very unique recipe, Looks delicious

  3. Thank u so much for coming over to my blog...U have a great space here...Happily following u :)...Egg Halwa is totally new to me ...a unique recipe

  4. Very new recipe and looks very yummy.

  5. Very unique recipe...Thanks for coming to my space, glad to follow you :-)

  6. something very new to me...looks yummy

  7. Looks simply wonderful ! very interesting recipe ! it's always fun to meet someone who studied in the same college or school ! Have fun !

  8. Yummy it looks & an interesting guest post.. U have got a very nice acquaintance dear :)

  9. read dis kind of recipe in book but seeing 1st time..nice idea..

  10. very yummy and delicious reciepe . I like it.

  11. egg halwa looks yumm....interesting recipe dear...

  12. Hi
    can i add condensed milk instead of khoya?

    1. hello!! Yes you can add condensed milk but make sure to adjust sugar level for perfect sweetness you desire :)

  13. Is there a substitute for semolina?

    1. semolina or suji is easily available anywhere I dont see why u want a substitute for it as it is healthy too. But still you may try using rice flour instead :) do try and let us know


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