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Quick Coconut Burfi

Quick Coconut Burfi

 Is this coconut? How can the burfi be so White Exclaimed my aunt!!

I personally love coconut alot!! I just love the flavor, coconut milk added to anything gives a unique twist to many south Indian Delicacies and others too. I remember when i was small and we used to get sweet box from Ramakrishna bhavan a sweet shop very famous bfr adyar ananda bhavan, sri krishna etc came up!! Mixed sweet box would have the yellow piece of sweet, which i would greedily pick up bfr anyone attempts to finish it. After years almost 15+ I recalled the sweet and wanted to have it, remembered the coconut taste and softness it had from khoya. My aunt recalled too and she brought it for me from some other shop though but coconut burfi was enjoyed!! 

I wanted to try my hand over coconut burfi and was looking out for a gud recipe to try with in short notice. I searched up and found Coconut Burfi in Raks Kitchen I can blindly follow any of her post, Ive tried few of her recipes and it all came out so awesome just perfect!!! but if some of u know me im gud in alteration part :D With me nothing can remain original and authentic. 

I was so sure that I can follow her shown recipe and reach atleast the border line of coconut burfi, experiment hi sahi lets try!!! I followed her recipe but little bit of alteration on the proceeding part.

Coconut pieces- 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup 
ghee - 1 tsp

- Grease a Plate with little bit of ghee and keep it ready!!
- In mixer put in the pieces and pulse it for 15 sec, mix it again pulse for 15 secs till you get the kind of grated consistency. (no water added)
- Heat 1st ghee in a pan ( non stick/ heavy bottom pan ) add in the coconut and sugar
- In medium flame keep stirring and mixing, sugar will melt and start forming it own syrup, alternatively oozing out moisture from coconut as well.
- keep stirring till you find whitish bubbles coming up, and slowly it starts leaving the pan, ( move in mass sticking together )
- Transfer this into the greased plate, with help of knife or greased spoon smooth it out and allow it to cool
- Make cut markings When it is still warm. It will be difficult to cut after it is cold.
- Once cool down its ready to serve!!

- I used coconut pieces and scraped off the brown part as i was not sure if grating in traditional method I would be able to obtain white coconut gratings. And this was pretty quick method as well. Pulsing in mixer takes less time than grating it that is where this method is called quick!! 
- Make sure u keep stirring it so that the mixture blends in well and the moisture gets evaporated nicely.
- Please dont try to touch it to eat when its still hot. The boiling temp of sugar will be very high, I wanted to check the consistency if its sticky enough :P dint burn my hands though lolzz but avoid it!! 
- Dont over cook even after the moisture is evaporated it might caramelize the sugar and turn it brown. 
- Raks had added fried cashewnuts and Elaichi flavor too but I preferred to stay coconut flavor alone dominating in the whole thing.
- I removed the mixture bfr it was completely dry, so had little bit of syurp consistency flowing out when i poured into plate. That was certainly fine to shape up spread as well. Though i felt i should have cooked a little more but it was just fine!!!
- Adding little milk and cooking will be a good idea shall try next time 

This burfi was a gud try for me at 1st hand. Even though I love sweets and got a big sweet tooth It was nearly too much sweet for my tastebuds. Since we are not adding any khoya it was more of sugar based candy kind but much soft enough when we bite. As we eat it melts in mouth with lovely flavor of coconut oozing out!! So the extra sugar effect dosent matter :D the need for wanting more and more was derived :P Lolz im talking scientific haha!!

But again my imaginations were running wild, And was thinking to add paneer or khoya next time!!

It can be kept for a week!! The last we consumed was after 3-4 days of making and it was just the way it was. Thats when my aunt had and said hw come burfi is so white?  
Well yes it was just white enough!! but the pics here show a dull effect coz of gloss from ghee and lighting I struggle to balance both!! Alas Something is presentable than nothing :) 

Do try its worth!!!

Sharing my recipe with Coconut and Sugar/Salt & Dish it out

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  1. Love coconut burfi.. Looks delicious!

  2. wow its very quick with less ingredients

  3. My all time favourite burfis, if i make them i wont stopping munching them.

  4. Nice and tasty Recipe dear

  5. burphi looks delicious...love these..

  6. looks yummy ! wish I cud grab one right away !

  7. Delicious and inviting. Pics look great.

  8. Like you am too a fan of coconut in desserts.. And this coconut barfi is a stealer, thank you so much for linking to the event, have bookmarked it :)

  9. A different preparation & looks so yumm...

  10. Hubby loves coconut burfi! Def try! Hi I have a event + giveaway on my blog Plz do take a look http://shobskitchen.blogspot.in/2014/12/event-giveaway-announcement-2015.html Keep Blogging!


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