Monday, 5 August 2013

Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls

Anytime Wondered?? If someone can become your frnd just like that??? Seeing these yummy rolls I can become friends with anyone Just for sake of Having It
Jokes Apart!!! 

This is a Guest Post from my new friend in FB Nargis!!! She Hails from South India and Proud Mommy Of 2 Kids Living in Australia with her Family. Till ive known she loves to cook for her kids and also try out new recipes. 

How we met??? 
It was 1st I started my fb page as timepass and I saw some people liked it too, She was among them. It immediately attracted me!! Y??? Coz we both share same 1st name :) Bingo!! yes Nargis is my real name and Aara is my 2nd name which I use in all networking sites. Ive inboxed her 5 months back n there was no response until suddenly 2 weeks back there was reply to my Salam I was all happy to get response from her. Just simply an excitement to know some1 sharing mutual names. We had a general intro and talk when ever we find each other online. 

We talk more of food, she had tried few recipes from my blog and liked it, coz her kids splly her son who is picky eater, ate without any troubles. She happily shared 2 of her recipes with me which im Featuring as guest post from her :) Though she had requested me to post it under my name but Honestly I want to feature non bloggers around who are wonderful Cooks, Home Makers and Loving Mommy's to their kids.

Back to the Recipe:
You need 1kg mince ( barbeque mince)
1 medium onion finely chopped ( foodprocessor is better)
3 bread crust removed soaked and squeezed ones)
black pepper as needed
mixed herbs powder as needed
Salt as per your taste
Milk little as needed
Pastry Sheets

In a mixing bowl add sausage mince, chopped onion, squzeed bread black pepper and mixed herb powder and salt. Mix thoroughly with ur hand..
Separate sheets of puff pastry, leaving plastic sheet face down then cut in half while still frozen.
Using a teaspoon, lay mixture length ways on each half sheet.
Using your finger tips, rub 1 edge of pastry with milk, and roll pastry so that the edges overlap.

Each roll can be cut in half for large rolls or 4 for smaller bite size rolls. Bake at 180 degrees C on a baking paper lined tray for approx 35 mins.

Oh my God Never knew this yumm looking pic holds such simple recipe to deal with :)
Thank You Sis Nargis for sharing such Wonderful Recipe Hope your Kids enjoyed Eating it each time you make.
I would surely love to try out these once I get access to the materials. Here By Recipe Documented
I guess vegetarians can Make their own stuffings (potato, carrot, beans, paneer etc)with above flavor to bind with and follow rest of the procedure as it is

And Belated Friendship Day To All My Blogger Buddies :) Big Hugs To All

Sending this to Friends Forever

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  1. Looks absolutely yummy... there are so many gr8 cooks out there who r not keen on blogging n we miss their experiments... good 2 c u sharing this aara... :)

    1. Absolutely Raff :) they might have their own reasons. but im sure we can get many gud frnds who would love to share their awesome experimental recipes with us :)

  2. Those rolls are fantastic and sound prefect for a party menu,excellent crowd pleaser..

  3. With these scrumptious sausage rolls, yes, I will be friends with anyone in exchange for these! LOL...How lovely your met a new friend on Facebook just like that. I guess you two have more in common than just your first name....which is the love of food. ;)

  4. Yummy looking rolls! Thank you both Nargis for sharing this lovely recipe!

  5. This must be very tasty...Thanks for linking it


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