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Rava Idli

Rava Idli

Rava Or Suji Also Well Known as Cream Of Rice Is Very nutritious and Really Great for Quicky Recipes!!!

But This Recipe isnt quicky needs aprox 12 hrs before We reach the final result. And its completely worth the wait.

We dont make much of idlys at home. No Particular Reason as we eat more of Phulkas and Dosa batter is always in stock for sure. Once I asked mom y no idly? she said the rice used is different and in our normal grinder it would be difficult to grind it. Thats when my hunt started for Rava Idly until I reached A post from Vahchef!! Hes my all time fav Im really inspired by him more than sanjeev kapoor or any other chefs we look around online. I couldn't wait to try and see the result myself!!!

This is how it goes :)


Urad Daal - 1 cup
Rava / Suji - 2cups
Salt to taste
Cooking Soda- 1/4th tsp - 1/2 tsp 


- Soak Urad daal and Suji in water separate Bowls for 3-4hrs 
- But make sure you wash and rinse suji atleast 4-5 times in clean water before keeping it to soak for 3 hrs.
- Drain the urad daal water and suji water mix both the ingredients and grind it to fine paste, as of dosa batter. Use little water as needed, Dont make it too runny.
- Consistency of batter will be sticky kind. Thats perfect!!! mix in cooking soda and salt
- Pour the batter into a large bowl and leave for 6-8 hrs for fermentation. The batter will Rise to double its size, So make sure you use a large dish to set the batter.
- Once this is done your ready to make idlies :)
- Put the batter into idly moulds and steam it as you do for normal idlies

Your Yummy Soft Idlies are ready!!! Serve it with, Coconut Chutney and Sambar Yummm!!


- Urad daal can be grinded separately and rised suji can be added as it is and kept for fermenting, But I prefer grinding suji n urad daal together because personally Suji when Cooked with something has tendency to fall into bits here n there when we bite. So I at 1st hand grinded suji as well to see how it turns, and my assumption went right!! Grinding suji was a gud decision though it was an experiment!!!
- Washing suji 4-5 times Removes the extra Starch and helps making white idlies. not washing suji will not harm the end result but may be you will get off white idlies
- Using soda is optional, Because If was making for 1st time I added soda as well, thinking what if it does not ferment? and idlies dont turn out well??
- After fermentation do not mix the batter, just scoop it out as it is into the moulds, Coz when we mix then it will break the air bubbles and idly will not turn porus and soft.
- You can also prepare dosa of this batter.


Soft Idlies, Porus, as its seen in pic!! Does not break into tit bit pieces easily, can be handled well in masses, unlike idlies made with rice which tend to break easily when handled hardly.

So ultimately When I plan to makes these for next morning I Start up today evening around 6 or 7pm, Soaking takes 3-4hrs, then Grinding!! Time given for fermentation around from 10pm  in the night to morning 6am - 7am when ur fermentation is done and idly batter is ready to be cooked!!  I really hope this part is clear :)

Stays Gud for 6-8hrs after cooking. Can be kept in fridge and reused after giving another steam as fresh idlies, Or make other varieties as idly upma/ manchurian/ masala idly etc etc :) Choice goes Unlimited...............

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  5. Nicely written..will try ur method.

    1. Thank u darshana :) Hope you like it :)

  6. Una verdadera delicia super nutritiv,abrazos.

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