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Mango Vanilla Kulfi

Mango Vanilla Kulfi

Im not a Mango Person As Ive Told in My Previous Dessert Post. But What If I get Mangoes From Some1 Else? Yea cannot miss a chance to make something spl!!! Last year it was shrikhand and Mango Ice Cream, And this year goes to Mango Kulfi!! Though I wanted to make ice cream, But My bro has many issues with my making bla bla bla as all brothers do Im Damn Sure Abt This!!!!

Finally I decided to make Mango Kulfi Tats Quick Enough Isnt it???. Ice Cream needs some preparations ahead for materials, Kulfi Can be made within Few things available at home. 
Making kulfi I Remember Is last When? Seriously I dont Remember, Sometime back I tot of making but had no moulds Thats discouraged me, But today I Dint bother abt not having moulds, I came online did Some Googling as usual and Done. 

Seriously there is nothing much to work hard for kulfi I felt!! Specially when you know the flavoring part you are done in a short notice :)

Mangoes - 2 
Sugar 3-4 tbsp Or more if u like
Full Fats Cream Milk- 1/2 liter + 1 cup more
Rice Flour / Corn Flour - 2.5- 3tbsp
Vanilla Essence - 1tsp if using highly concentrated one then use Few drops
Almonds - 5-6 seeds I used, You can take more if you like (blanched)

** Mangoes I used were of different sizes. So im just mentioning puree of 2 mangoes well + Almonds seeds blended without water or milk.
- Mix Rice Flour / Cornflour with extra little milk and keep it aside, 
- Mean while boil milk in a big pan, As it comes to boil, add in this rice flour paste and mix well stirring continuously. 
- Let this mixture cook in low heat for 5- 10 mins. Cook till it thickens.
- Now Add Sugar, And cook again for 2-3 mins stirring continuously.    
- Remove from flame and add in mango puree. 

Look at the thickness of milk and rice powder mixture + mango puree!!!  I was using a fork to mix it as my hand whisk was missing on the spot.

- Mix The mixture well enough!!
- Now Check for sugar, If The sweetness is Perfect Add a little more sugar and mix it as the mixture is hot. ( See Notes For Reasoning )
- Add Vanilla Essence when mixture is cooled down.
- Take clean mould / tin and pour in this mixture and let it set in freezer for maximum 4-5hrs. Also depends on cooling of freezer 

I had used a small steel pudding bowl to set. 

This is how Beautifully It got Set 

To unmould dip the outer side of container into water and run a sharp edge knife around the set kulfi and invert it upside down. 

As you invert you will see loose consistency of the mixture dripping the sides as in the pic, but worry not. 

U can see the above pic, The set kulfi is Quiet hard Inside Very much the same as you might like to hold the kulfi in stick and lick around :)

Serve It chill along with some garnishing of pistachio/ mango sauce / Or Kesari Syrup Etc Etc you can let your imaginations go wild :)

Hopefully i'll get kulfi moulds soon :) 

- Adding more sugar is my own way as my mom has taught me and ofcourse my personal analyses, Any pudding when set to chill, and if the sugar level is perfect as the pudding/ dessert chills it will taste less of sugar. So adding more sugar in initial stage will give perfect taste at chilled / frozen state.
- Using vanilla or any other flavoring is optional. I added for some additional flavorings
- I had added paste of badam out of 5-6 almonds This was coming as we ate into tiny tiny bits, giving crunchy effect.
- I added food coloring which gave me bright yellow color of mango to the kulfis. you might see the color difference Of kulfi's and the mixture of mango puree with milk.
- I opted using rice flour, coz I remember when I was small and we used to get kulfis from vendors outside, That grainy texture which used to feel while eating kulfi was awesome. 

***** If you want a really creamy textured kulfi, without condensed milk, do a little hard work, Bfr completly setting it into kulfi moulds, Set it in a tin or big plastic container. When its half set, remove and blend it. Again keep it to set, 
Repeat this Process one more time and set into kulfi moulds, your extra creamy rich kulfis without condensed milk will be set :)

Well set Firm Kulfi, With soft grainy texture Frozen Dessert
I did not add much of vanilla flavor, so the domination of vanilla flavoring wasnt there, But it helped in to get rid of tangy smell which omits from mangoes,
Perfect sweetness and yummy taste :)
For never ending licks ;)


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  10. I love Kulfi, thanks for sharing the recipe because I hadn't made any myself before. I found your blog via the Hearth & Soul Hop :)

  11. I have eaten Kulfi, but I've never made it from scratch. Yours looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing your recipe with the Hearth and Soul Hop. I like mangoes so it's perfect for me :)

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