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Figs & Wheat Flour Halwa

Figs & Wheat Flour Halwa

Hello All!!!
To be honest im slow towards blogging these days!! 
Since im fasting and I've got a fixed schedule these days I'm Kinda Lazy!! Huh
At the Same time Dont want to leave my bloggy baby just like that of course its become one of my passion Searching for Key Whose gates open Towards Food land :)

This is my 50th post and I wont say Im happy excited bla bla. Coz every post of mine is equally important and special to me. It directly comes from Dil Se..........  I cannot think of posting something so randomly just coz I need to show how active I be as a blogger?  May be this curiosity was there at the beginning but now yes its another part of my life, Just as each role we play in our lifes :)

Back to the post
I never imagine making halwas n stuffs, But This one is specially made for my brother. As he is under certain kind of diet after consuming Bathini Fish medicine for asthma Given in Early month of June in Hyd. My mom is breaking her head to feed my bro and my bro being a picky eater Is really unable to gulp down anything. Desi ghee is the only option he can consume in fats inspite of this he is rapidly loosing weight and smelling ghee ghee around the house I feel Im increasing my weight though im fasting this is funny though!!

So this halwa was made as per requirement  of my brothers diet. 


1 cup Wheat Flour
3/4th cup sugar or more if required
8-10 dried figs soaked in water
3 cups of water
5-7 tsp of ghee


- Dry Roast Wheat Flour Till nicely brown and aroma released. Keep it aside to cool.
- Take water in a kadai, add this wheat flour and mix till no lumps are left. 
- chop down the figs make sure its really soft so that it mix in well with the halwa mixture
- Heat kadai in low flame and you see the mixture slightly getting thick.
- Keep stirring so that it dosent burn at bottom, Also add Sugar figs and Ghee and Keep cooking in low flame stirring it constantly. Till you get a jelly like past moving as mass lump. You will your self know Its the time to remove and your done
The above pic shows how well peaks r formed 

- Once ur instinct signals its done, remove and serve hot or cold :)

See the texture how glossy it looks :) 

The above recipe was done as per my brothers needs towards his diet. 
There r better ideas running in my mind seriously :P
This was the 1st time I tried my hands on halwa variety and I now exactly know to do the variations :)

- Add in Chopped almonds 3tbsp + 3 tbsp Soaked raisins also some glazed cherry If you like Chopped along with figs sugar and ghee and cook as mentioned above
- Add cardamon powder for flavoring or Kesar too
- You can also Add khoya/ cream for rich flavor and texture. 
- you can add sugar and ghee even later when you are reheating halwa it will melt down easily and mix up nicely  you dont have to struggle with the laddle and wok :)
- If you add figs chopped directly without soaking n it becoming mushy then you wont get well mixed flavor of figs n wheat halwa, coz chopped chunks will remain in halwa as it is

Note- All the variations R important, as one mite get fed up just eating wheat flour paste thats where I landed up with figs into the combination :)  I can just imagine how the above variations can bring a rich flavorful output :P Would Try myself soon, Why let a wheat flour halwa remain just simple? every simple things deserve an extra ordinary presentation and see the difference it can create, No???

Roasted wheat flour gave nice aroma, Pure desi ghee was sone pe suhaga, Helped in getting rich Glossy look to halwa.
Figs also added its crunchy taste to wheat flour halwa and made it taste little haat ke

To be honest since its rich with ghee one cannot eat more than a cup shown here, or eat even less It makes ur taste buds feel satisfied so quick!!! 
Also eating little by little halwa throws its charm to the best than to eat spoonful and dislike such wonderful sweet :)

If you r skeptical you can choose trying for 1/2 cup wheat flour or even 1/4th cup :) coz the quantity will increase or triple up the quantity used :)

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  1. Congrats on ur 50th post and wishing you many more milestones like this..

    Halwa looks fabulous,especially love the addition of figs here.

  2. Delicious halwa, hope your brother will put on some weight, eating this yummy treat .

  3. Wow! Delicious halwa.. Congrats on your 50th post Aara :-)

  4. congrats on ur 50th post dear... the halwa looks yummy...

  5. Congrats on your 50th post.. halwa looks very delicious and yum...

  6. Congratulations dear and perfect halwa to celebrate the joy of making half century...

  7. congrats n halwa is so delicious.

  8. congratulations... wishing u all the best.. love this rich nad healthy combo.. truly filling.....

    Do drop in sometime to mine aswell.

  9. congrats on your milestone and wishing u more milestones.

  10. Congrats on your 50th post...Halwa looks real delicious !

  11. Congrats on ur 50th post.. Delicious looking halwa :)


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