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Mango Guava Smoothie

Mango Guava Smoothie

Juices can be taken anytime even off summer right?
All the bloggers have move from juices and smoothies to snacking and salads When I still stick to it for a cause
Summer is at off set and Climate is getting better around, Not In Chennai Atleast Damn I start feeling hot and sweating only after evening which makes me sick. Fasting In such days can make you quench for thirst more n more, but yet Alhamdulillah Im able to manage. I really wish that climate gets better by Ramdhan!!

Im not a fussy eater who wants such n such things for iftar or want juices compulsory as many do. But This climate is making me carve for some chilled drinks too :(

Anyhow lets get to this quicky session of Mango Guava Juice 

Since im the only person fasting at my home now, Im really not bothered on what to consume or not. I had Guava Juice Of Real and mangoes sitting in my fridge when I instantly came up with fusing both the flavors together.

Serves 1
Mango Cubes - 1/2 cup
Guava Juice - 150 ml or a small glass (Real Tetra Pack)

Blend in both the ingredients in juicer and Serve Chilled!!!! 


I did not add sugar as the sweetness from the Guava Juice and Mangoes were enough.
I dint added ice cubes as mangoes and juice was chilled and the temp was fine for me. I dint wanted my drink very chilled either.
If you add ice cubes, you may need sugar according to your taste.
May be you can also try adding some mint leaves or lemon juice too :)


Was Lip Smacking :D Wanted more and more though. Was Sipping down kool combo of Mango and Guava :)

Juice of Guava was Faint Redish color + Mango was Perfect Yellow which gave my drink Yellowish Red Ting. 

Do Try it sometime and fall in love with this simple drink

Made With Love Mondays Taste of Tropics - Mango Chef Mireille

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  1. I love guava & mango but never mixed both of it together. Thanks for the recipe

  2. lovely combination of seasonal fruits

  3. Super refreshing and perfect for summer....

  4. Yummy smoothie...nice combo..

  5. Delicious smoothie with mango and guava

  6. You have wonderful blog and thanks for visiting my space...

  7. I love how simple this recipe is - just two ingredients! This is the perfect summer smoothie for those hot, lazy days...

  8. Yum,yum, yum simply refreshing....

  9. ah two of my favorite flavors blend into one... yumm...

  10. Mango and guava interesting combination.. Thanks for visiting my have a wonderful space with lovely recipes.

  11. hi,just went through this post...awesome combination and,at the same time,it tempts to experiment simple things to make extraordinary dishes.

  12. Looks yummy and delicious.. Interesting combo Aara :-)

  13. Thanks for Visiting my space. Though i've been bloggin' for a long time , i've kept my blog private for my friends and family and made it public recently.I'm working on giving my blog a brand new look and planning to blog regularly, if i sign up any social networking sites i'll let u know.


  14. Very unique and super refreshing drink,definitely a thirsty quencher.

  15. So very refreshing and natural, it has a lovely natural colour too.


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