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50- 50 Toast

50- 50 Toast

Sound Interesting? 50- 50 how? Read Below.

Check out with my earlier version of French Toast Recipe Here Very Simple

But for this version plays the Trick of 50- 50 Im making a toast with Half side French Toast and Half Side Pain Roasted Bread. This works wonder magic for me, I gulp down as many toast I want without feeling guilty consuming eggs oil sugar, milk all together high fats huh.

Now this is very simple, For french toast we dip the whole bread into the egg mixture and shallow fry it. 

For this Toast Cut the slices of bread, Or dont cut up to you

Trim the sides of bread pieces or leave it as u wish.

Heat a pan, Drizzle oil/ butter just that the pan is greased

When the pan is medium heat, just then take a slice of bread dip one side into the egg mixture and place it in the pan. similarly add in more slices of bread to occupy space, My pan takes 4 such slices 

Allow it to cook in medium flame for some time and flip the side

Now reduce the flame to low and Allow the non eggy side to toast up and become crispy

If u like you can add butter to this non eggy side bfr I usually dont do that!! low flame helps me get the result but if adding butter may give extra flavor choice is yours :)

Once this is done our 50-50 toast is ready to eat

To be honest there is no such name as 50-50 toast, But I had no other name to give to this special recipe of mine :)

Hope you guys try and like it. 
Serve hot with Sauce of any kind 

Its sunday and I have an exam to attend I feel its so unpredictable and hence forth putting up the cutest post here :P There R many plans all of us have similar is the one event of +Guru Wadhwa's  Giveaway Summer ’13 Drinks & Desserts Result live at 2pm and ends at 3pm today Hope you guys join in and enjoy the thing Do miss me im sure i'll be breaking my head with questions ;) or either doing inky pinky ponky lolzz :D 

Have a Lovely Sunday Bloggers!!!

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  1. Wow! What a lovely idea and post! :)

  2. aren't we always looking for ideas to tone down our fried stuff??? :) good idea... even I do this sometimes...

  3. Interesting recipe ! looks great !

  4. Fantastic and very interesting toast.

  5. acha hai, gud one' i'm replying too late but Asha hai ki aapka exam sahi raha hoga

  6. Innovative idea and nice name..thank you for linking

  7. That's an interesting recipe.. Very tempting one !

  8. Good one. Innovative...

    Hey I am hosting my first food event at

    Please do participate. Would love to have your amazing recipes at my blog.


  9. Wah g very creative aara :D next time this recipe will get space in my blog :D


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