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Hey Guys Wats Up?? 
I've Been Away From Blogging For Sometime, Kept busy With my Family and Cousins and slowly im learning that though Im new To blogging and an enthu blogger as well but I also want to enjoy a quality time with my family :) Yes, Family Friends & Relatives always remind you of food, and trust me its food running in my mind all these days lolzz n also I dint forget to click for blogs :D

Though Im not the one who cooks a lot as complete meal for my Family these days. My cousins r staying at granny's place so my aunt is taking care of cooking & Alhamdulillah my mom's health is fine now so she is on her move to prepare most of the delicacy Im helper behind :D

There R many events going on which I check with updates when ever I have access to my pc, But for some reason like Family and own sake I've kept blogging at back seat for this month alone, yet dont know how the coming up months would move coz we start with Ramdhan Very next month and certainly Im preparing myself yet disturbed on how it might move (Various Reason). And so my stories will go on and on ..............

Lets Get back to the Recipe :)

Arent the pics tempting???? 
Seriously yes!!! This is a very Healthy Salad, Which can be used as a Diet Meal. Snacks and yes also does satisfy your food carvings :)

We R used to make Sundal As all of us know, there r different ways to make it. But I came up Inventing this Recipe For the Sake of High Protein Diet. So here it goes 


Boiled Chickpea - 1 cup
Cabbage Roughly Chopped 1 cup
Onion Chopped - 1 medium / large size as you preffer
Cucumber 1 large, De seeded and chopped
Capsicum - 1 Medium size
Lemon Juice According to taste
Pepper powder as needed
Salt as required
Oil 1 tsp / Butter if u like

What the hell oil doing in a healthy Salad?
Well Just that I cannot stand the Smell and Taste of Raw Onion and Capsicum :) a little alternative to cook them a little and make it edible for me :)


- Take oil in a pan and put in Onion and capsicum, Cook it for aprox 1 or 2 mins in medium flame till raw smell of onion and capsicum goes but yet the veggies r firm but not soft.
- Add in chickpea and rest of the veggies, Toss well.
- Remove From pan, Add salt, pepper and Lemon Juice According to your preferences :)
You can trust my taste buds for this and Enjoy a Healthy Dish!!!


- Do not over cook onion and capsicum if it turns soft you cannot enjoy this dish as a salad
- If you are tolerant to raw onion and capsicum then skip step 1 and proceed
- I removed the seeds from cucumber as I wanted only the crunch part in my salad.
- You can add in more veggies if you like, I used just basic veggies which was available at home.
- I also added more of lemon juice to it, which complimented well along with the entire thing
- I had used left over chickpea

Serves - 2 People as half meal/ 4-6 people as snacks / 1 person Like me can eat the whole plate of it :D


The Whole thing is packed with crunchiness Soft Boiled chickpea Goes Well along with this Veggie Platter. Best Enjoyed When ur not in hurry to eat. The more slowly u eat the more you enjoy :). If ur getting late and in hurry to finish it quick then stop it there. Since its too much crunchy to eat you might really not like to eat 

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  1. Lovely and healthy salad, thanks for sharing...

  2. Thanks for promoting and liking us!! I love this salad, soo crunchy and filling..

  3. I'm so glad I stumbled onto this. There's a world of healthy recipes online but things seem to disappear when you're really looking for them. I'm trying to shed a few kilos and have been on the lookout for such healthy recipes. Please do add more, this protein filled meal gets a big thumbs up from me!

  4. Healthy and nutritious salad,my kind of salad.


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