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Sweets & Sour Raw Mangoes Pickle

Sweets & Sour Raw Mangoes Pickle

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I was never interested making pickles until I saw a video from nisha madhulika how nicely and simply she did her work!! That kept me thinking Im going to make it some day and many days and months passed off. Next in my view was +Anjana Chaturvedi 's Post Sweet and Sour Lemon Pickle (oil free) I seriously wanted to make this, kept telling my mom all the time, but still kept off coz Dint had space to keep pickle jar in sun light, next dint had glass jars etc etc. Not until We were sent by so many mangoes by our relatives, Mixed size, about 6-7kg OOOOOO Thats too much!!! splly when I dont allow entertainment of mangoes at my home.

Well well Majority amount of mangoes mom took, but I insisted mom to keep some for me, As I told I wanted to make mango pickle, But how? Thats when I had commented on Mayeeka's Pickle post to anjana ji asking If I can use the same recipe of lemon to mangoes too?? Though she replied me saying the process towards making pickle from mangoes to lemon might change, she sweetly also mentioned some recipes from her blog. 

But that dint stop me, I really wanted to go with that process and after lots of thinking I started the process.

I cannot exactly say how much mangoes I used, but with the above pic I can say around 1 large bowl!!! 
Anyhow I went with the same process as mentioned by anjana ji :)


Raw Mangoes: 1 large bowl
Salt - 150 gms
Turmeric - 3/4th tsp
Chilli Powder - 2.5 tsp
Cumin seeds- 1.5 tsp
Fenugreek seeds - 1.5 tsp
Mustard seeds- 1 tsp
Sugar - 2 cups


- Peeled mangoes and washed it. Dried it completely with a kitchen towel and cut into pieces
- Next mix in the salt and keep it aside.
- Mean while dry roast cumin seeds, mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds in low medium flame till brown golden color, and grind it to powder.
- Add this powder to salted mangoes along with turmeric, chilli powder and hing. Keep it aside for a month!!

When I had 1st filled this jar with mangoes pieces and salt, It was full till the neck of jar, Withing 45 mins It reduced its size. Mangoes started oozing water and got shrunk as seen in the above pic. Pic is not very clear though, but still you can see water collection inside the jar along with mangoes here n there!!!

Keep mixing this mixture everyday at least once!! I kept this jar in my balcony tied a rope to it so that the jar dosent fall lolz :P

My mom kept telling this pickle wont turn out gud, It might spoil soon and what all raising all doubts in my mind. But personally when I started seeing discoloration on top layer, I took no chance added mustard  oil  around 100 -150 gms in it after 6-7 days and mixed it well. You see the result of this in  15 days in pic given below.

After 15 days I added Grated Ginger hing and Sugar, and mixed it well, After adding sugar the consistency of pickle too gud :)

Now it was again to be kept for more time, so that sugar gets caramelized and mango pieces soaks in the sugar and turn more soft. My prediction was Right!!! Damn Right!!!

It was exactly the same which was happening there :)

These pics were taken after 25 days and It was looking almost done :P

Removed from the big jar and neatly packed into other containers for further process. I did not bother keeping it back to sunlight.  

Serve It with Roti, Parathas, Phulkas your choice goes on and on :)

I seriously cant take my eye off this pic :D 

Present Condition Of this Pickle Below after 1.5 months duration

Though The color has changed so did the taste, Getting better day by day :)

Lessons I Learnt While Making Pickle:
- Do not Panic!!!
- If you add more oil to preserved pickled than needed still it will not float on top, until the whole mixture turns soft and the oil will automatically come up :) Im serious abt this :) coz I was worried if my pickle will go bad hehe
- My mom suggested to used a wooden ladle to mix the mixture.
- Do not expose the pickle to water or moisture of any kind, make sure using clean spoons or ladle :)


My mom totally fell in love with the end result :) and My dad agreed to her with the taste :) 
Though docs have restricted my parents to have mangoes or much of sugar content, they are unable to stop consuming this particular thingy :P

I had also taken this to my grand ma's place 2 time and To my surprise both the times my aunts vanished the whole thing in a jiffy. Later my mom informed me There was a short cats fights happened at lunch coz pickle was finished bfr my 2nd aunt could eat it whole heartedly lolzz.

Later my grandfather wanted to eat the pickle in evening and I had to inform him about the cats fights and licking of the container during lunch it self Pheww I have still some more remaining which mom keeps eating hiding it from me haha

Getting inspired by this Mom made an attempt to get 3kgs raw mangoes and cut them into pieces dried it in sun for a day and asked me to follow the same process, Though I was skeptical on how its going to turn. But Bingo ;) That one is worth a try too :)

Will Post that soon once I get the end result :)

Though I Made this Pickle 1.5 months back, and the basic concept goes to Mayeeka except for a Change with ingredients, I have come across an event Which Is Tried and Tested Mayeeka's Recipes So im Happy To link It here :)

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