Friday 3 October 2014

Rice Up With Sweets Or Spices

Rice Up With Sweets Or Spices

Hello Friends 

This is my 1st event and I have chosen rice as my event for various reasons!! 
Rice is staple food for many of us. Here lets try to display varieties of rice recipe used in our daily bases 
Most of the time I go blank on what special and unique can be made of rice. 
This confusion takes place when I have to re-use left over rice too. I am sure I am not alone with this dilemma lets all get together and display our ideas for everyday cooking / special cooking / left over cooking
Cooking of rice in various methods will be displayed here. Please take pleasure to add in your recipes with touch of love 

Event runs from 5th of October to 5th Of November
- Multiple entries allowed
- Please link back to your post. 
- Any sweets or spicy variety of rice recipe is allowed
- Veg & Non-veg recipes allowed
- Please enter the name of recipe when you link up
- Archived posted is allowed as long as you re-post it along with the link back to event
- Using of logo is not mandatory But it will be nice If used, it helps others know about the even and participate too
- Non Bloggers are most welcome to participate. You can send in your entries to my mail id along with the pic and recipe. I will on behalf of you will add your post to my blog and link back here :) 
- Also you can get connected to me on facebook anytime Sweets & Spices

Linky Tool Is Available At Side Bar On Top 

Looking forwards for active participation from all :)

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  1. I love rice like crazy. Looking forward to the recipes.

  2. wow dear.. happy hosting dear Aara.. IA i'll participate too <3

  3. Eid Mubarak 2 u and ur family !!.:)..Good luck with ur 1st event..will try to participate...let's c...

  4. Lovely event dear! Happy hosting! I will participate too!

  5. happy hosting and send my entries soon...

  6. nice event dear,will try to participate...happy hosting :)

  7. happy hosting. Will link some rice recipes. I too am hosting an event for the first time. Diwali recipes. Please do participate. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and inviting me to the event. I have shared my fav rice recipe from my blog :)

  9. thank you for your comments. As to joining the site with google friend, try clicking on those tiny squares on the side and try. I know the button itself is causing a problem. Not a technical person so have to wait till it gets sorted out by my daughter when I see her next.Already am following your blog.

  10. Hi I love your blog and the mutton dishes round up. Just a quick question... Did you already post the rice recipes roundup from your event, really looking forward to delicious dishes. Thanks


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