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Mixed Fruit Custard

Mixed Fruit Custard

Mixed fruits custard is famous and favorite among all of us!!
Today in my space I got Asiya Subhani of Yummyindiankitchen.com who blogs about hyderabadi cuisine. Lets see something about her and then proceed with the guest post :)
 1)Tell us something about yourself
I am a passionate food blogger from India,Hyderabad with an interest in cooking and sharing my recipes to the world.
2) How did your kitchen journey start?
My kitchen journey started since childhood as I would see my sisters and Mother cooking all the time.But I started cooking when I completed my studies and I have been doing it with lots of enthusiasm and want to do it throughout and share all the  recipes to the world.
3) A little about your venture towards blogging?
When I started cooking my family would love the taste that brought out in my cooking.I used to get very overwhelmed when someone would appreciate my cooking.My friends would ask me about my recipes and ever since I thought of blogging about food recipes and share it to everyone.It was an instant decision I took about blogging.
4) What kept you moving with your updates?
My friends and families started praising me for doing good work and many started calling and telling me that they are looking to reading more of my recipes.As I belong to Hyderabad all I wanted to focus was on Hyderabadi cuisine as this cuisine is loved by most of them along with different vegetarian and non vegetarian food.Hence my blog mainly focusses on Hyderabadi recipes and chicken curries and non veg recipes.
5) What is the overall differences you find when u 1st started blogging and now?
My blogging journey has just begun and I am very excited with the start and the people I have been connected to through it and I am also looking forward to connect with more and more people and make food blogging a better place to connect with all the food lovers.
6) Some words of thought you would like to share with us??
I would like to spread the Indian cuisine and inspire everybody to cook and would like to share different kinds of recipes...
N Here R Some Sweet Words From Me!!
The first time I met Aara was when I added her to my social networking site and would see her updating with her really amazing  pics of food and posts and I really liked her posts in her blog and her way of posting which is unique and something which people could instantly connect with her.I had a chat session with Aara and I requested  her to invite me for a guest post ,she instantly agreed and gave me few tips on blogging to which I felt very glad and happy that I met the right person...
Today I have decided to share Hyderabadi recipes and Aara being very Shweet I decided to share a sweet dish for her...You can also check out different chicken recipes and non veg recipes from my blog.
The sweet dish I would be posting on Aara's space would be Fruit Custard as it is commonly made in Hyderabad and people here crave for this simple yet delicious fruit custard...
1 litre milk
1  cup sugar
1/2 cup milkmaid
Any seasonal fruits(bananas,apples,pomegranate seeds,mango slices)
2 tsp very finely sliced almonds
1/4 tsp elaichi powder
100 gms custard powder
Firstly, take a heavy bottom pan and boil the milk and keep stirring so that the milk doesn't stick to the bottom.
Stir until the quantity of the milk is reduced.
To is add sugar and stir until sugar is dissolved well.
Add milkmaid which is optional but would enhance the taste of the sweet.
Switch off the flame and add the custard powder paste to the milk.
If you add custard powder with flame on then there are chances of lumps forming in the dish.
Stir well after adding custard and boil it for 2-3 minutes.
Remove the dessert from the heat and allow it to chill for a long time.It tastes well when chilled.
In the meanwhile finely chop all the seasonal fruits and keep aside.
Serve the dessert in sweet bowls and add all the chopped fruits and almond flakes to the dish.

 Hope you all enjoyed reading Asiya Today!!
Do visit her blog http://yummyindiankitchen.com for more cuisine from the city of Nawab's i.e Hyderabad!!
Until next cya bubye :)

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