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Hot Chocolate Coffee With Buttered Caramelized Sugar Toast

Hot Chocolate Coffee With Buttered Caramelized Sugar Toast

Some combinations goes too excellent specially when the weather is chilling and raining both!!

Perfect for as Evening snack for those days when you want to get into blanket and feed yourself with something hot and good!!

My title may sound too big but is perfect description for what It holds in detail inside the post :)

For hot Chocolate Coffee
Make regular instant coffee as you could and drop in some chunks of chocolate pieces or choco chips. Let it sit in hot coffee for a while and then mix it to make it smooth. Re-heat it again and serve it hot with some shavings of choco. Since Chocolate will have some sweetness make sure you add less sugar to suit your taste.

*** Excellent for Adolescent kids who like having coffee, twist it with adding chocolate + almonds they would love it specially during exam days :)

Same can be made using cocoa powder too. This will again give gud result in taste this version can be considered low fats / low caloric version!!

Buttered Sugar Toast

Honestly this is my most fav thing to munch on!! When I have breads at home my mind fixes to few things like, making bread masala, french toast of various versions and Buttered Sugar Toast

This is simple and too delicious just the way I like. This is Addictive I should Admit. Cant stop munching this with just one or two slices :) If you got some bread and salted butter at home I suggest do make it and enjoy!!

To make this toast:
Take slices of bread and apply butter to one side of each bread, and sprinkle sugar all over it. Heat the tava and in low medium flame put over the  bread slices on tava with butter side facing on top. After a min flip it. rotate the bread slices to a circle so that sugar and butter evenly spreads in the bread and let it cook in low flame for a min. 

Buttered side will get caramelized and give a crisp texture to the bread. Repeat with other slices the same.  And enjoy it warm with hot milk or coffee :D 

**** Do not over cook the buttered side sugar may get burnt and become black so maintain the temp in low medium heat alone!! 
- I like little of sugar to have sugary and salty taste of butter both. so I just sprinkle a thin layer of sugar over the bread!! If you are more towards sweeter side add in more sugar according to your taste. 
Make a try with 1 slice of bread 1st and you will have an idea to what would lead to next perfecting it according to your taste

So one side you get a plain toast and the other side is glossy buttered caramelized sugar toast :)

Make it for breakfast or as evening snack both, Hot chocolate coffee and buttered sugar toast are good brain kickers who are feeling lazy and need some kick start to push them on :)

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  1. Wow aara crispy toasts are quite attractive and this hot coffee nom nom nom

  2. Choc somewhere is not for someone like me. But I will mind, once a while such a hot beverage.

  3. a lovely yummy combo for breakfast,a sweet chocolate coffee anytime

  4. Perfect combo! I don't mind to have it every morning...


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