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How To Make Instant Dulce De Leche In 5 Mins

How To Make Instant Dulce De Leche In 5 Mins

Ones who have tried making Dulce De Leche Really know how delicious and yummy it is!! You really cant stop licking if you are a caramel or toffee lover.

For new learners who dont know what is Dulce De Leche. I would love to explain you in brief that it is caramelized condensed milk which which is prepared by various methods. The end result gives a very rich and good flavor of toffee / caramel. I bet those who know about this can vouch how much yummy it is and they cant stop licking!!

There are 8 Ways of making Dulce de leche and each one really consumes lots of time and energy.

I tried making this using pressure cook method earlier. Though it was done but was too hard for me to spread over the dessert. In fact I even struggled to get it out of the tin. Phew I had to break the tin with a big heavy knife and a hammer haha :D

Finally biscuit layer got messy and I broke the biscuit base and made a Banoffe Mash Up

So this recipe is a boon to all the struggles we bare...  I thank my friend Ananga.A Agarwalla for sharing her recipe with us. Its restaurant style she said.... and after I made it, No doubt at all!!!

Lets have a quick look towards the recipe

Sugar- 4tsp heaped
Butter - 2tsp
Condensed milk- 1/4th cup
Water - Few Tblsps

- Take a non stick pan preferably and add in sugar and butter, Allow the sugar to caramalize in low medium heat (Just to avoid over burning)
- Once the sugar and butter melts giving nice light brown caramel color add in the condensed milk and stir.
- It may start sticking so add in few tablespoons of water to adjust the consistency and avoid stickiness.
- Once you get the sauce consistency remove it from the pan and store / use. (check notes)

See the rich glossy sauce sitting there...................

- This obtains 1/4th cup of sauce.
- I used salted butter, that is what I had, dint make much difference!! It tasted great!!
- Add water little by little, don't make it too much watery. Just adding some water and stirring it to get sauce consistency will be enough will take a min not more.
- Do not cook the sauce till you feel it becomes thick sauce, Just look for free flowing custard consistency. Later when the sauce cools It will thicken on its own.
- Pics were taken when the sauce was warm and it got desired flowing thickness which stayed the same even after cooling
- 1st I thought of adding milk instead of water, but was doubtful, as the sauce is already undergoing millard reaction, it may curdle, so no risk!!
- Remove it from the pan once done, leaving it in pan may harden it a little, no idea though but better to take precautions ahead
- Left outs in the pan can be scraped out or add milk and heat it, keep stirring so that all the remainings of sauce gets mixed with milk.
- Later use this milk as a drink hot/cold or any desserts. (I made flan, recipe next)

Originally Anang shared her recipe as 10gms sugar + 10gms of butter melt together and caramelize. Add in 30ml of condensed milk n done!! 
Since I was not sure about how much 10gms of butter and sugar would be, I went in with my own instinct of measurements. Anang did not mention about adding water, I added water because it was sticking alot, So I am analyzing according to anang's recipe once sugar and butter is caramelized switch of the flame and add condensed milk stir and you are done!! 

I couldn't believe at 1st, I'am actually having such rich consistency free flowing Dulce De Leche In front of me. Taste was just perfect and delicious!! Far Far more better than any other methods used!!

I always neglected recipes which called for Dulce De Leche but not anymore!! 
If you are not aware of this yummy treat then make it for yourself once. I'am sure you'll stick to it
And the ones who have struggled like me with bad results of obtaining Dulce De Leche Its time for a Happy Dance lolzz. 

I was so so happy after making this!! Such kitchen success give small pleasures of happy heart and smiling face. And I guess all of us go through this!!

Yes of course a finger which cant stop licking the remaining from the bowl ;)

Do make it and let us know how it turned!!!

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  1. i too want to make this from long, but that extra sweet taste is holding me back....

  2. oh wow... this sounds easy... I always make DDL by pressure cooking a tin of condensed milk for half an hour...

  3. wow dear aara this is so beautifully made :) bookmarked ;)

  4. oh wow..that way tooo simple !! am not much keen a toffee or caramel fan...but sue..will keep this recipe in hand, for a quick fix syrup for desserts. keep in touch...darling :)

  5. I like this method of yours compared to the other - whole tin of condensed milk pressure cooked. Its simply a super good for desserts.

  6. Such a easy instant version!!! Happy to link my entry in your event!

  7. Easy and quick.........Thanks for sharing dear!

  8. its simple yet delicious, rather than cooking in cooker this is far better, will try it soon.

  9. Thats super quick ..Tasty and delicious

  10. this look super super tempting and inviting:)


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