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Khadra Gosht

Khadra Gosht

My Mom Made Khadra Ghost !! And It was outstandingly Delicious,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Yummyyyy it was we all had more servings of rice than usual  
Khadra means meat cooked with spices and when it fully cooked this meat tends to ooz out lots of fats of its own
This is then it is roasted in low flame in its own fats!! 
Olden days method to preserve meat for longer time in its own fats, cooked meat pieces drowned into fats which will later solidify and become like butter!!
Specially beef (kept even for 6 months) which is not considered safe in todays date 

This method is still used in orrisa specially villagers style and this is once a year treat for us!!

I was really not in plan to blog about this recipe for reasons like its dark black outlook, I dint knew how to make it look attractive haha, still I gave a thought to click it when my mom was dishing it out for lunch. I wanted to put this in my fb and show everyone traditional villagers style of eating meat. And later few of my friends started demanding for the recipe. So here is it for them!!

Mutton 1kg - meat pieces as well as meat with bones & fats
Onion - 2 sliced
Spices - Dry powders (red chilli, cumin, coriander and turmeric)
Whole Garam Masala ( 2-3 of each, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, black elaichi) if u have any other whole spices you can include
Ginger garlic paste - 4tbsp
Salt to taste
Oil -  1tsp while cooking
water 1-2 cups to cook meat and make it tender

- In a Kadai / wok Add in all the above mentioned ingredients and cook in medium heat till the meat is tender with closed lid. You can also your pressure cooker for this. 2-3 whistles is enough. When you use pressure cooker make sure you transfer the meat to a kadai for roasting process.

Now the roasting process:
When the meat is tender you can already see mutton fats around floating. 
Dry out the extra water content in high flame. Till all the masala gets coated to the meat nicely. 
Add 2-3 tbsp oil more and in very low heat keep the meat pieces to roast. (add more oil if you feel the base is sticking and is becoming a problem for gud roasting) 

Keep stirring occasionally so that the masalas get roasted but not burnt. Slowly the meat and masalas will start turning dark in color. Cook in slow flame till u get nice aroma and meat pieces start looking black. You will also be able to see fats separated in the kadai.

Serve it hot with anything. I had it with pipping hot rice without any gravy, Just hot rice and this meat was just too delicious!! This can be served with chappati / parathas too.

This kind of meat used to be stored just like that covered fully with its own cooked animal fats. And this used to be stored even for 6 months in olden days
- This can keep well even for a month in fridge. 

- If the mutton is oozing out lots of natural fats of is own then you dont have to add extra oil while roasting.
- If fats less pieces are used then make sure to use gud amount of oil for proper final result
- Same can be done with beef.
- Meat can be cooked and kept this way, later used in any gravies. It will seriously take any gravy to next level. Specially when combined with veggies

Hope your enjoyed reading this post and make this some day!!

Until next cya bubye

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  1. lovely recipe dear.. shall try it sometime.. bookmarked :)

  2. it is always nice to know traditional recipes, thank you for sharing aara... I suppose we put the spices as per our liking?


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