Saturday, 12 July 2014

How To Make Instant Mava | Khoya

How To Make Instant Mava | Khoya

Making Of Khoya or Mava is very tedious process It consumes lots of energy and time, and lovely end result too!!

But in who has that much of time and energy to spend? specially if you intend to make it at home fresh!!

I was browsing through a facebook group called sikandalous Cuisine and found this useful post by Radha Natarajan S. I immediately asked her If she can allow me to post it over my blog. She was sweet enough to permit me to publish her post in my blog!!

This proportion will yield 200gms of khoya aprox
It can be kept in fridge for 10 days

Hope this post is useful to all my readers as it is super quick to prepare and use for any Indian Sweets!!

Thank you Radha for such quicky instant Recipe
You can check more of her lovely recipes in Your Everyday Cook She has got very nice recipes in her blog do check out.

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  1. really very useful post...

  2. this is marked

  3. oh wow... thanks for sharing this here...

  4. nice useful post dear.. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love DIY's like this. Bookmarked for future.

  6. quick & easy ! Check out my version here

  7. oye this is a great idea i want to give one more suggestion... you can use condense milk too just mix it with milk powder... :)
    i like the way of using butter milk too :)


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