Friday, 18 July 2014

Peshawari Lassi

Peshawari Lassi

Lassi From Pakistan?  Ok can be made any where in the world!!
Its easy and yummy too

Ramadan is moving too fast ever than expected, every day with a new news to make us sad and worry about is making all the joy of Ramadan Vanish away!! Sadly Muslims and so many innocents are suffering.
Nothing much can we do about it but to pray for quick relief for the ones suffering and Sabr to the sufferers.
10 more days left and this Gracious month shall leave us. Do Remember all of us in your prayers.

On the board I have Today Recipe By Reema Of Rimzy's Kitchen In Fb!!
She has already given me a lovely post of Ande ki mithai (On popular post) and Tomato Jam. Her Chicken dum biriyani which I made was just awesome!! Her Love for Food Is never ending and sometimes I just love to Grab her recipes to my blog so that her recipes can reach others as much as possible :)
We have made a policy of sharing recipes whole heartedly  to everyone!! Thanks to the wonderful facebook groups and lovely friends around there!! 

In Ramadan Im too slow to blog, but making sure to share some worthy recipes from other bloggers and friends. This also keeps reminding me that I have recipes in my to-do list!!

Curd -1 cup
Water - 1/2cup
Almonds - 1tbsp
Cashew nuts - 1tbsp
Sugar to taste
Salt a pinch
Ice Cubes as required 

- Blend Almonds and Cashew with little water and make an smooth paste. 
- Mix in the other ingredients and blend well till the sugar is dissolved
- Serve it chilled with some ice cubes and sliced almonds on top


- If the curd is sour add 1/2 cup of milk to reduce the sourness
- You can add fresh cream to make it more rich in taste

Reema's mom loved the taste as it was not very sweet and was creamy.
Her niece Rida announced everyone that who ever dint like should pass on the drink to her. She also said she was having a royal drink and it should be made again for her :)

What a lovely drink to beat summer heat this Ramadan!!

Thank you Reema For Allowing me to post your Wonderful Recipe Here!! And For sure I'am going to look forward for many more recipes from you to share here :)

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