Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Imperfectly, Perfect Triffle Pudding

My Imperfectly, Perfect Triffle Pudding

I wanted to make trifle pudding from long time now!! wow I got a chance!!

I was really excited!! Could be more easier If I opted layering in a large bowl!!
But I wanted individual serving for Iftar, This will make a fair share to all of us :)

I tried my hands layering pudding in 14 disposable glasses.

Layers I used in each glass:
1. Pieces of Sponge cake with diluted juice of strawberry crush ( tasted yumm)
2. Layer of vanilla custard topped with sliced almonds
3. Layer of chopped banana's  topped with undiluted mango squash 2-3tsp just to cover the layer of banana
4. Vanilla custard Topped with generous pinch of cocoa powder
5. Layer of chopped apples topped with undiluted strawberry squash
6. Again layer of vanilla custard with generous sprinkle of cocoa powder, added some ripe mango pieces too
7. Topping with jelly:
Now this part kept funny with me. I used a pack of strawberry jelly which did not set at all, I was running short of time and was not sure how this dessert tasted!

I gave a cup to my bro and he was eating and trying to explore each flavor, like a big food critics lol. That made me so unsure on how the triffle actually tasted. If others will like it or not. 

So I had to do something with the jelly part for filling in the cups, because I went short of vanilla custard too.

I mixed whipping cream and amul fresh cream to the jelly thinking it should give me some richness atleast if not gud cubes. I need to fill glasses. And here you see the crazy color which I got!!

After Iftar and namaz when I brought in this Pudding everyone's expression was worth noting it
That shocking moment!! And Everyone questioned on what it was!! My bro was having fun seeing faces and giving everyone wired answers (Thats what bro's are meant to be for I guess) lol

Once everyone started digging in, Who cares :D It was just deliciously yummy!! 

Impression & Remarks:
All of us including me were curious to taste this pudding!! Though it wasn't perfect yet it was something new to be checked out with!!

There was no complaints with the taste and bursting flavors. 

My mama is my biggest critics, he ate it without any complaint
My dad when started eating said Jaandar hai (very lively in taste)
My nana and aunts enjoyed it too!! Yess missed my nani she couldn't catch up with us.
There were 2 outsiders and luckily I made extra glasses
They enjoyed every spoon they digged in!! They Loved it!!

So these were some priceless moments for me yesterday to my hard work with short time. 

And yes though it was imperfect, no clear pic (was not planning to click or blog)
But my experience and the taste were definitely perfect for Blogging!!

Next Time I shall be more organized before I start making it!!
As usual I cannot stick to the traditional ones!! May be again my own crazy Tries :)

Will Keep updating!!

Until then cya :)

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  1. wow...lovely color...must be yummy

  2. very cute ! love the colour :)

  3. O my goodness aara.. you have experienced a great recipe .. You are the one who has created this thing.. I am getting so mad at your triffle.. The layers just look mindblowing great work chef aara :-D :-*

  4. Lovely pudding.. taste is what that ultimately counts :)


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