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Musk Melon Juice

Musk Melon Juice

What Can Be More Soothing Your Taste Buds And Relaxing Ur Brains With Every Sip??? 

My All Time Favorite Musk Melon Juice :) There Are Different Shades and Varieties of Musk Melon / Kharbuja . Usually What I Get Here Is Light Yellow Or Creamish Melons, Which Has Given Me This Shade Of Juice Extract. Summers Have Begin Make More n More Of It, Enjoy Ur Refreshment!!

Musk Melons have their own benefit values as its a seasonal fruit

Have a look what Times Of India has to say about this delicious fruits.


Fruit cubes - 2 cups
Water - as per desired consistency of juice you like
Sugar - Depending upon the sweetness of fruit and your taste buds

Level: Quick n Easy
Cooking time : nil


The 2 ways to prepare this juice which my family opts is Either blend it in mixer along with sugar and add water to puree stir and mix serve chilled or in room temp choice is your

Next Thing We do Mash Mash the Whole Fruit Pulp, make the puree by hands u will get some bits of musk melon here n there left out, add water and sugar chill it and serve. The texture and taste will surely differ from the blended juice, Will try my best to put the pic Soon :D

Serving : Can add some Lemon juice For extra flavor, I like the natural taste more better ;)

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