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Mango Rose Falooda

Mango Rose Falooda

Falooda Falooda Falooda!!! I never knew what is falooda, until I tried myself at home, Majority of the recipes I post here is sadly my 1st attempt to make as well as taste :) I never had tasted this delicious thing anywhere outside simply that I wasnt much fond of neither was the exposure much to the outside world. So finally I had a Chance To Make it at home and Enjoy. Only after Sipping falooda I realised What I had missed all these years, having such a drink is is just relaxing and soaking in the calmness :D 

This drink must be fav among all age groups im damn sure about it :), Eating jelly, sipping milk with richness of ice cream, the basil seeds crunchiness and trying to get noodles floating in it is all together a different experience Right???
Lets Stop the history and geography now, lets get started with the recipe :)

Cooking time : 5- 10 mins
Level: Easy
Preparation Time - 5 mins
Serves - 2
Ready in - Assembling takes less than 2 mins :)


Milk: 2 cups
Vermicelli or rice noodles: handful
Rose Syrup or rooh afzah : 2-3 tbsp
Basil seeds: 1 tbsp soaked in water
Vanilla icecream for serving (optional)
Homemade jelly (any flavour.....cut in to small cubes...optional)
Some chopped nuts (i used pistachios n cashewnuts)


Boil the noodles in water, drain the excess water and let it cool in the fridge. Soak the basil seeds in water for abt 45 min, they will puff up and double in size.....then boil them for 5 min n drain.

In a glass add cooked noodles or vermicelli (cool), and basil seeds, rose syrup / rooh afzah, pour in cold milk n mix.add jelly cubes n nuts. top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream if desired. Enjoy!!!!


I used 2 tbsp rose syrup n rooh afzah according to taste until u get ur desired sweetness or add some sugar while boiling milk and add  little bit of rooh afzah or rose syrup for flavoring.
- You can use any flavor of jelly
- Full fats milk will give much rich flavor.

1st pic I have used Rose Syrup which gives a very rich color to the drink and lots of rose flavor

2nd pic I have used rooh afzah for flavoring and added sugar to milk so the color is light in appearance. 

Also i wanted to experiment on the flavors on how rose flavors goes with mango ice cream :) 

it was just excellent and worth to try :)

Dont forget to  serve in tall glasses every one wants more of course

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  1. very tempting n refreshing drink...

  2. Delicious Recipe. Thanks for posting such an nice and awesome recipe. Then click for food.

    1. Thank you Suresh :) and your welcome for more recipes from here

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    1. Thank u for following me :) i visited ur blog Its awesome :) im following u back there
      Happy Blogging!!!

  4. love it....
    looks delicious :)
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  5. Looks delicious..
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  7. Hi dear, lovely lovely falooda. I just love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Very beautiful click. I am happily following you Aara, will be happy if you follow me back as well.

  8. wow really a refreshing one....

  9. one of my fav drink..thnx for linking

  10. I like falooda a lot, here at Hyderabad they can be found anywhere ranging from street-side food outlets to three or four star hotels.. Ur preparation makes it more special & appetizing :)

    1. @ arthy yes when i was there 2 years back i found it common at every pity food shops too :)
      And thank u for ur lovely words :)

  11. wowhh yummy...
    Thanks for linking with my event “Foodabulous Fest –April Month Series”
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