Monday, 1 April 2013

Colorful Capsicum Delight

Colorful Capsicum Delight

It was my aunt who made me create this!! Yes!!! Sad I dint knew what to do when she brought in 3 colorful bell peppers  and said this was for me. Since we share same age group what more I had to do is stare at her with no reactions, Reason??? My Mind was blank, I had never used 3 different color of capsicum the only thing I knew was “ arey yaar ab iska kya karu” ( oh man what do to with this now)

I kept ignoring her telling me again and again about capsicum she had brought and the only words she could tell out is, she saw my face in them, and brought for me immediately. No wonder why she was surprised and eager to get it,  was we never saw that in our local markets till the date.

Finally I took a breath, said ok!!! Let me start I might end up doing something atleast.
Here Goes The Recipe:

Type : Dry
Cooking level: Easy/ simple
Time: 15-20 mins


Cumin – ½ tsp
Large Onion – 1 roughly chopped
Ginger – grated 1tsp
Garlic – finely chopped 1pod
Capsicum of 3 colors roughly chopped ( if don’t have 3 colors not to worry be creative and have confidence)
Green chilies – 2 chopped
Garam masala – 1tsp
Chat masala – 1/2tsp
Potatoes – 1 large cubes (cut to the size of capsicum )
Oil – 1tbsp
Salt to taste


-          - In a wok take oil and add cumin seeds, allow it to brown a little

-          - Add chopped ginger and garlic and fry for half a min till raw smell goes ( you can also use ginger garlic paste if in hurry

-          - Add onion and green chilies sauté for sometime let the onion cook little but not soft.

-          - Add potato cubed and add salt cook in low flame till the potatoes are 75% done (closing the lid)

-          -Now add chopped colorful capsicum, garam masala and chat masala mix it well and close the lid cook again in low flame till done.

-         -  Serve With Roti or paratha


-       -    Closing lid and cooking ensures quick cooking

-         -  Adding capsicum at later stage keeps the color intact and crunchy as well

-       -   You can also add more spices of your choice like black pepper  and also other spices to mix and match the recipe according to your taste buds

-          - You can also add paneer cubes and cook, would bring out a wonderful difference to the recipe

Eating something like this was different to the core. I never knew each capsicum/ bell peppers of different color carries different taste. Purely unaware of differeces I assumed everything would taste as green capsicum. So was the surprising taste different to me, sweetness, sourness, tangy and spicy all together combined in colorful manner

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  2. Lovely recipe Aara, very new to me and quite an innovation I must say... Happy blogging dear :-)

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