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Baigan Ka Raita An Indian Salad

Baigan Ka Raita An Indian Salad

Raita dosent need an introduction to Indians as its been part of our lives in various ways!! To the Reader who dont know what is Raita I can give a simple explanation that it is a kind of Indian salad which is made in varieties of form and using different ingredients. Im surely gonna add more n more of raita recipes. I just wanted to start the raita session in a unique way.

Presenting Baigan ka raita. Anything take form of raita when it is dipped into curd and used as kind of side dish not completed consumed as whole!! Baigan/Eggplant/Brinjal call it anything, we get many kinds of them in different kind shape and breeds. Individual choices depends on which kind of Baigan you use!!!


Curd -  1 cup Recipe here
Brinjal/eggplant -  3 any size.
salt to taste.
Roasted Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp
Red chilly powder: a pinch.


- Cut Brinjal in round shape neither thick nor thin

- Take a bowl put in some water add in it 1 tbsp salt mix it.then add brinjal. leave it for 5 mins.
- Now take frying pan add some oil to shallow fry eggplant till light golden brown in one side, flip the side to other and fry again till golden brown.
- In another bowl pour in curd little more salt, and red chilly powder mix them all like thick paste
- In a plate arrange all fried eggplant n pour in the all curd over it.
- Garnish some coriander on top.
- Serve With Biriyani/ Pulao

This is a normal version, If you want a spicier version then  

- Marinate the sliced up brinjal with salt, ginger- garlic paste may be 1tsp, red chilly powder and keep it aside
- When you are ready to cook just put in some maida/cornflour/gramflour and mix it all well 
- Im not mentioning the measurements  as it will depend on how much spicy you may need just go with ur instinct. 
- Follow the arranging procedure as mentioned above!!
This version will go well with plain rice / Roti / Parathas too :)


- To add in curd you can also add in some pepper powder instead of chilly powder
- For additional taste you can add up roasted cumin powder, chaat masala, salt and sugar.

Simple Isnt it?????

Just remembered that my grandmaa (nani) used to make another version, where she would make thin liquid of curd and do the tempering from top, and then dip in all the brinjal slices into it, That would taste equally yumm yumm for a difference in taste :)

Sharing my Award Here 

This is my second award im receiving from Sajina Bishar of Saju's Taste, Thank u Sajina for this award. Thanking you again for liking my space and nominating for this award. 

Sajina has asked few questions to all the nominated bloggers which im going to answer below

1.Why did you start blogging ? 
I had always been passionate about food and wanted to be along with people who have similar interest to mine. But I never had a chance on how and where to explore!! have  new frnds of same passion!! So blogging is one of those platform where I had stopped and my search ends here!!!

2. Five food stuff that will always be in your kitchen.

Eggs, milk, ginger- garlic paste, biscuits & phulkas lol

3.Which blog inspired/is inspiring you in blogging (can mention  about 2 blogs with their links)

 Two blogs Which I had been following keenly for a while was Raks Of Rak's Kitchen and Aarthi Of Yummytummyaarthi they have a lovely space and take lots of effort to present anything they make. I can blindly follow their instructions and get an outstanding dish ready in my kitchen :) (basically south indian & baking)

4. The best photographed pic food of in your blog. (add the image)

5.Your favorite hobby.

Reading and Chatting!!

6.The best costume/dress you love to wear.

Abaya!! It makes me feel very comfortable!!

7.Take a pic of the handbag you are using & show us.

Not Available Rite nw!! Will update later :)

8. Favorite juice.

Musk Melon

9.What is the best quality in your partner/spouse (if not yet married..write about your future partner in your dreams..)

Im Single :P And Im not dreaming abt him yet!! But yes I wish he gulps down everything I cook without a complaint lolzz

10. One ability/skill you wish you had.

An Ability To Fly :P I could fly and visit all u guys have the food u all cook and come back lolzz

11. One post you love in my blog..Saju's Tastes


Sending my entry to My Bowl Of Salad

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    Also the Baigan raita is new to me and it looks delicious.

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