Saturday, 27 April 2013

Dear Sweet Sweet Bloggers!!!

Dear Sweet Sweet Bloggers!!!

Thank you so much all of you for the love and comments which came from my previous post Wood Apple Juice. All the comments were Heart Touching!!! Some Recalled Their Childhood memories and few others dint knew about this fruit and felt its an introductory post for them. I have no idea if my replies reach all or if anyone come back to check!!! I'am Really Thankful to all my friends who are my blog readers For their Heart Touching Comments Love And Support.

And Yes I completely Forgot to share about a comment I recieved few days back It said

Hello from France!
This is not a "spam" 
After visiting your blog, I invite you to join us in the "International Directory Blogspot".
"International Directory Blogspot" It's 170 Countries and 10400 Websites !
Missing yours join us 
If you join us and follow our blog, you will have many more visitors.
It's very simple, you just have to follow our blog, enter your Country and your blog url in a comment, and you will be automatically integrate into the Country list.
We are fortunate to be on the Blogspot platform that offers the opportunity to speak to the world and to share different passions, fashion, paintings, art works, photos, poems. 
So you will be able to find in different countries other people with passions similar to your ones.
I think this community could also interest you.
We ask you to follow the blog "Directory" because it will give you twice as many possibilities of visits to your blog! 
Thank you for your understanding.
Please follow our blog, it will be very appreciate.
I wish you a great day, with the hope that you will follow our blog "Directory".
After your approval to join us, you will receive your badge
We ask that you follow our blog and place a badge of your choice on your blog, in order to introduce the "directory" to your friends.

I dont know how many of you recieved this post in ur blogs, but I felt its worthy to visit the blog and register our blogs, which will be representing our country!!! And above all, Last when I saw Indian food bloggers list was just 5-7  may be now the list had increased. So dear Foodie members If you like please register to this blog. Im not promoting the blog but I just feel we need to represent India in Large number and our Food Community should Stand Unique. A fair chance for your blog to be known Just visit this link
and comment ur blog name, blog url and country you represent :)  Hope you find this info useful and pass it around to your fellow bloggers as well.

Today im running out of time!!! In Other words cant sit and share long long stories as in other posts lolz. Still I manage to Type out Big Big Texts huh!! Writing for blog is much easy than to write a 10 mark essay :P

HaPpY Bl0GgInG 
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  1. Nice write up dear, I also recieved the same comment but was not sure it it was a spam. I will check it out now...

  2. I guess, it is a spam.
    Watch out, Aara!

  3. Hello!
    I want to thank you for the comment you made ​​on your blog.
    the "Directory" site is not spam.
    It is a website like yours, I am a simple person like you, I'm french, and I realize this site that I made ​​available to all, so that people can find in the world of another blog sharing the same passions: cooking, painting, poem, reading.
    Internet allows us henceforth to correspond with everyone.
    And I think to know the food, the traditions of india is a good thing
    To thank you for the calls you make with your friends! I put a special badge in front of your blog.
    Regards from France

    I'm sorry my English is not very good

    Bonjour !
    Je tiens a vous remercier, pour le commentaire que vous avez mis sur votre blog.
    le site "Directory" n'est pas un spam.
    C'est un site comme le votre, je suis une simple personne comme vous; je suis francais, et j'ai realiser ce site que j'ai mis a la disposition de tous, afin que les personnes puissent trouver dans le monde entier d'autre blog partageant les memes passions: cuisine, peinture, poeme, lecture.
    Internet nous permettant desormais de correspondre avec tout le monde.
    Et je pense que faire connaitre la cuisine, les traditions de L'inde se trouve une bonne chose
    Pour vous remercier de la demande que vous faites aupres de vos amies ! j'ai placer un badge special en face de votre blog.
    Amicalement depuis la France

    je m'excuse mon anglais n'est pas tres bon

    1. Thank you for the badge chris!! Never mind your English is very much understandable :) Hope u get more added websites :)

  4. Hi Aara nice post
    following you dear do visit my blog too
    R u fm Chennai?


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