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Jammy French Toast

Jammy French Toast

Nothing can be prepare so quickly and easily, yet be so filling and delicious!! Yes All my votes go to french toast!!!

Preparing french toast is versatile, be easy in making it, with any kinds of variations you like. Serving it is again so easy!! I dont need anything else to compliment it with. I can gulp down french toast just like that. 

Suddenly when I was about to make french toast yesterday I thought of applying jam as filling and try out with 2 bread slices just for myself

And as usual when I try a new food with each bite I start feeling and describing it in my own mind which I will be raving about in the end of the recipe. Next thing I knew was, I should not miss blogging about this recipe. 

Preparation Time- 2 mins 
Cooking Time - 2 mins 
Serving - For 1 person

Sandwich Bread slices - 2 
Egg 1
Sugar - 3 fat pinch
Salt - 2 fat pinch 
A dash of cinnamon Powder (optional)
Milk - 1 tbsp
Jam - Any flavor ( I used mixed fruit)
Oil / butter to cook

All these ingredients will be readily available in your pantry for sure.

- Applying jam in bread slices each. Either fold each bread slice / keep both slice together (jam filling side of bread facing each other) make a triangle or square cut as you wish. Keep this ready
- In a fry pan add little of oil or butter as you like and allow it to heat in low flame. 
- Mean while whisk up egg, salt, sugar, cinnamon & milk 
- Dip each jam filled slices of bread into the egg and toast it in medium heat. Flip the bread to other side and allow it to cook till both the sides are golden brown. 
- Remove it from the pan and you are all done!!
- Serve Hot / Warm 

- Make sure you just Dip the bread into the bread and quickly place it into the cooking pan, Dont allow it to soak up.
- In case the bread has soaked more eggs you will know it easily. While cooking the bread will start bulging up from the center. In such case you make sure, you cook it for more time in low flame so that inside of the bread which has absorbed extra eggs get cooked well.
- Applying jam just to moderation according to your sweet tooth would be best.
- Any jam would go best along with this recipe!! Will try next with pineapple jam :)

My Ravings After Eating This:
- It is highly kids friendly
Any fussy kid who refuses to eat eggs can be ditched easily with this preparation!! When we eat, the smell of cooked eggs are not noticeable at all. Flavors of jam dominates and the whole combo feels really different.
- Busy moms can take pleasure to serve this as morning breakfast / to pack lunch for their kids. 
- Can be served as healthy evening snacks for kids 
- Why only kids should have all yumms?? :P Yes we can take privilege to enjoy with them as well.

Doesn't It Looks Appetizing???

My Love For French Toast Is Like Sea Waves, It keeps Coming every now and then with differences and variations!! 

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Until next post Cya Bubye!!
Do let me know your feed backs If you have your own variations!! I would love to try :)

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  1. 100% behind you over the votes and its appetizing appearance.

  2. Love this anytime.. Looks yumm..

  3. Def a easy and wonderful toast .

  4. jam filled toasts looks delicious!!!

  5. Easy and delicious toast...... absolutely yumm!

  6. u r quite innovative dear aara :) i am just loving it seriously.. great version of french toast yum yum

  7. Thanku dear for linking ur recipe to my 1st event - "Back to School Lunch Ideas"

  8. My vote is also for this easy jam bread! Love it!

  9. They look droolworthy. I am a huge fan of carbs...this is a great breakfast for me.

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