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These ladoo's looks so yummy!! I can Polish of the Whole tray!! What you guys say???

This was yesterday made by my very close yahoo friend named Zaynab. Though we have huge age gap between us, but when you start making friends in yahoo and facebook, there is no age bar. I can call her aunty yess!! Aunty but since we used to join in conference of all age group people I made sure I call her as Zaynab ji With loads of love and Respect To maintain Uniformity!! Giving respect to elders is the core mannerism I look forward to!!  And Zaynab ji is the best lady I have come across. She is strong in her own ways and yess she is a wonderful cook :D 

Basically she is from India but living in UK since she got married, many years have passed by but her taste remains total Hindustani. From what I know she likes more of NAMKEEN - Salted items, And she gives all the sweets n desserts part to her daughters to make. So this churma recipe is exceptional from her i'll try to Rip more of her specialty recipes. Hope she is free to share it with us. When she posted this in her timeline yesterday, yeh I was ready there to grab her and ask her to send me recipe to Blog!!

 I'am Such a Gud Recipe Stealer you see!! One has to agree with me if they really been following my blog, how much ive taken recipes from others, specially non bloggers. yess I love to display their talents. So Today is Zaynab ji's post here for all of us. 

This is her Dadima's Recipe which she is been following since years, so I can really sense the authentic taste and flavor it carries...

Fine Semolina(rawa) - 500gms
Plain Flour (maida) - 500gms
Warm milk to knead the dough - 3/4th cup
Cooking oil - 1/4th cup
Ghee - 500gms
Pista Crushed - 2 -3tbsp
Badam Crushed - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1 and half cup
Handful of each - kishmish (Raisins) ,khaskhas(poppy seeds), dessicated coconut, charoli or chironji
1 tsp Ground  elaichee (cardamom)
Oil for frying

- In a large bowl add semolina, flour and 1/4th cup oil. Lightly rub all ingredients in between palms, to make it resemble like bread crumbs
- Add milk and knead it to make a soft dough.
- Shape this into balls size and deep fry it till golden brown in low medium heat.
- Let it cool slightly and crush it 1st. Then blend it in processor / mixer till finely powdered!! Incase you feel there is bigger lumps sieve it and blend again.
- Now add sugar, kishmish, khaskas, dessicated coconut, charoli & elaichi Powder and mix well.
- Heat ghee and add to the above mixture. 
- Mix it well and thoroughly and immediately shape it into small hard balls.
- Allow it to cool before serving!!
- Enjoy these yummy ladoo's

- Fry the balls in low medium heat so inside is cooked well
- If your skeptical above the inside of balls not cooked well, after you powder it, dry roast it one more time in low flame till u get nice aroma.
- Incase you feel granule sugar may not melt in hot ghee, then use powdered sugar which will work more nicely.

This is a wonderful recipe, and Im surely going to try it someday :) 
Thank you zaynab ji for sharing your daadima's recipe with us!!
Looking forward for more recipes from you, for all of us :)

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  1. O my Gosh this is so easy to make sweety I always wonder how these moti chuur laddu are made :-) easy peasy ingredients now I am stealing recipe from your blog hahahah

  2. even I can finish them in no time..plate bhi saaf nahi karna padega :P...Gud 1

  3. They loook sooo yummmm...!! Def a easy recipe and tasty one!!!

  4. rather than make them, i wish i could grab them!!! delicious...

  5. cute n lovely laddos..awesome

  6. such a lovely mouyh watering ladoos to have...yum


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