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Badam Milk - A Royal Treat

Badam Milk - A Royal Treat

Badam Milk lovers Treat Your Self At Home With This Simple Recipe.

Badam milk sounds so yummmyyy!! I love it!! But I do not intake it often. Yes its so good as a treat alone, when you have it some times and feel great!! 

If you are the one who go to restaurants/ sweets shops and find the price hiked up in the menu each time, then finally you give a big sigh and drop your plans to visit the place again. Then I would say great idea!! make your own in much cheaper price and enjoy with your entire family

I made this badam milk long back but to my bad luck our house shifting had backlogged my blogging very badly. Im still unable to get back to the normal blogging routine and activities like before. But yes I'm making sure I blog at least once a week to keep my baby fed nicely!!

Many of us know badam milk as summer cooler. A chilled sip of badam milk can cool you down , But when you take it warm, its great for Winter too. Warm sips of badam milk can lift up your souls when you are down!!

Since monsoon is around and already im feeling low with sinusitis and sneezes, Im sure there are few others like me with low climatic change resistance. I post this drink which can be taken hot / cool depending on your health & climatic conditions 

Milk - 1 liter
Almonds - 25 
Elaichi / cardamon - 1/2 tsp powder / 2-3 pods (see notes)
Saffron - 1 pinch or more 
Sugar - As needed
Pistachios - for garnishing (blanched & sliced) 

- Blanch almonds either by boiling it in water or by microwave.
- Grind almonds into smooth paste using milk/ water
- Soak saffron in milk for sometime
- Boil milk, once it boils add saffron, elaichi and almond paste to the milk and cook for few mins till you feel all the flavors are fused nicely this should be about 3-5 mins in boiling over medium heat.
- Add in pistachios 
- Serve it Warm or Chilled - Enjoy!!

In the pic above, Do u see the richness it carries? It is clearly visible at the edges :)

- You can always adjust the consistency of this by adding extra milk or boiling it for more time and reducing it. Choice is yours. But reducing the milk might make it feel more rich and difficult to drink. Check on how you like better
- If you don't have saffron you can skip that and go only with cardamon.
- Some people like rose flavor you can add in some drops of rose water too.
- Pistachios can be considered optional too. But if you are serving your guests then it surely boosts up the outlook of the drink!!
- In case you are looking out for that typical badam drink yellow color which we find in sweet shops and other places. I would say it highly depends on the quality of saffron being used / add yellow coloring for a brighter look, we never know what happens there during preparation. 
This is another reason I like to prepare most of the things at home rather get it from outside. Advantages of preparing food at home is more higher you just rightly know what goes in, than to get from outside and u never know what really went in. Minus those lazy days when u really need a break and get food from outside :D

Another super quick idea for flavoring would be Everest Milk Masala. 

Do use what ever you please for flavorings but the star ingredient will be Badam & Milk Alone!!

Try out in your own styles and enjoy this drink the way you like!!

Remember Summer Or Winter This drink is going to be your ROYAL TREAT

Do try and let us know how it turned :)

Happy Independence Day To India & Pak
This drink has all the three colors of flag of both the nations and hence forth sending this drink as entry to my dearest friend Monu's

Celebration Of Freedom Do visit her blog and link up ur entries :)

Until then bubye 

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  1. My daughters all time fav milk...... Looks refreshing!

  2. Love this milk to the core, super delicious..

  3. Love this. As it veey relaxing and calming!

  4. thats a super creamy and irresistible drink :) I wud love to finish both the glasses ;)

  5. wow this is really a royal treat loving it yummy :)

  6. I 100% agree, its yummy and its keeps the tummy packed for a few hours.

  7. one of my fav drink's been a while I made it though....thanx 4 the reminder....i virtually drank it :D...Hope u r feeling gud

  8. Looks very rich and creamy...lovely drink.

  9. So delicious and nutrifying.

  10. lovely click ....looks so delicious!


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