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Carrot Milkshake

Carrot Milkshake

This could be the best way to make your kids intake carrots!!

I wanted to have something healthy as I was fasting and what could be much better than a glass of carrot juice. But since I was fasting my inner conscious was not allowing me to intake this healthy veg only as juice. I thought of trying with milk and was really surprised by the taste. I was so hungry in front of this yummy Glass of drink oh I cannot express :D

Though this was my 1st try and was wondering its a nice way to make kids have carrots in their daily diet. Mothers these days have to be tricky to feed their kids and being such such elder sis to my little cousins I understand how fussy kids can be, its really difficult to impress them with taste. 

So here goes the post on quick notice for my dearie friend Ruveda and her lovely little kids :D

Carrots - 2 large
Milk - 1-2 cups
Water - 1 cup
Sugar - as per needed
Vanilla essence - 1tsp
Marie biscuit - 2

- Wash and peel carrots pressure cook them for a whistle with water
- Allow the pressure to release on its own.
- Take out the carrots and blend it along with milk, sugar, marie biscuits and vanilla essence. 
- Blend it until every thing is smooth and even!!
- Serve it chilled!!

- Since carrots have their own sweetness, make sure you add in the sweetener accordingly just perfect to your taste
- Do not throw away the water in which you pressure cooked. Just in case you find the milkshake too thick after blending you may add this water. You can add milk too instead. 
- If you are health conscious and want more of nutrients out of carrot then just boil the carrot for 5- 7 mins, blend it along with its water and milk. There will be change in texture. It will not be very smooth because you can feel the fibers when you drink!! But its nutrients will not be lost much. (will give you roughage if you face constipation problem)
- For kids its better to pressure cook as it will give best of texture for their taste and likeness.

Variations:(some healthy options)
For texture:
- Use 2-3 tsp of oats instead of marie biscuit.

- Blend it along with cornflakes 
- Use a Slice of bread / plain vanilla tea cake
- You can club it with any other fruits like banana or apple too (but taste may vary)
- If you dont want to use any of the above, just let blend in carrots with milk without thinning it much!!
For Flavors: 
- Using of Pitted dates instead of sugar (will give gud texture also)
- Using honey instead of sugar.
- Using cardamon powder / cinnamon powder / vanilla essence 
- Adding cocoa powder / chocolate drinking powder 
- Adding toasted almonds while blending
- Adding raisins will also give a mind blowing difference (if your kids like raisins)
- Serve it with choco chips. 
For Richness:
Though health is kept in mind but if you desire to give much richer and creamier version of carrot milkshake please go ahead adding cream or 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream :)

Let your imaginations run wild!! Club up ingredients according to your taste and Njoy!!
If you have carrots sitting in your fridge dont wait just go ahead and treat yourself!!

Until then bubye 

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  1. O yum yum.. aara .. marie biscuits a different thing i love to try this yaarrr.... your milkshake looks so tempting

  2. Filling and packed with nutrients. I sure want to wake up and have a drink of this milkshake.

  3. Would love to finish that glass rite now, my fav milkshake.

  4. Yep, got lots of carrots and a pack of marie biscuit. Gonna try!!! Very informative and useful suggestions!!

  5. Delicious Shake....yum love carrots in everything

  6. Healthy and yummy milkshake!!!

  7. Looks very yummmy wl try all d options Good idea.

  8. This looks so yumee, will have to try it soon.


  9. my son would love this! thanks for sharing dear.


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