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Sweet Potato Indian Fries

Sweet Potato Indian Fries

I am Late But Wishing all my Fellow Bloggers and Readers A Very Happy New Year And Year Full Of Happiness and Blessings!! 

Wishing All my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Rabbi-ul-awwal Mubarak It is 3rd Month Of Islamic Calender And Our Prophet Muhammad SAW was born in this month! Its month of blessings and Many of our fellow Muslims Also Celebrate It Very Grandly In their Locality and Mosque etc etc.. So this is a short intro abt Rabbi-ul- awwal

Today I have come up with a interesting recipe my innovation with sweet potatoes. I wanted to make dry curry with sweet potatoes, but my mom and bro were making faces coz its something new Im experimenting with lolz. You can imagine a daughter cruely brutally forcing her new experiments to her family members ha ha well its funny but it makes me feel angry :P 

After making sweet potato halwa with carrot I still had a large one left of lying un-noticed, today I tot of using it and here I come up with Indianized version of sweet potato fries which is deep fried with aromatic flavors fused in giving it a unique taste, Im glad I tried it and you should trust me that my mom and bro who always criticize my new innovations were eating it without complaint :D

Lets Peek-a-boo into the recipe

Sweet Potato - 1 large (2 cups of potato fingers)
All Purpose Flour - 3 tsp (heap)
Corn Flour - 4 tsp (heap)
Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 tsp
Pepper Powder - 1/2 tsp
Red Chilli Powder 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Water as per needed
Oil to deep fry
Some curry leaves
Red Color (purely optional)
Chaat Masala (optional)

- Peel the sweet potato and dip it inside water, Now Slice the potatoes evenly and then cut thick enough to fry as chips (see the pic below)

- In a pot take water and bring it to boil, now immerse these sweet potatoes and let it sit in boiling hot water for 1 min and drain it, allow it to come to room temp. 

- Mean while mix APF , cornflour, dry spices and salt with enough water to make a thick paste. And mix the blanched sweet potatoes into this spice mixture.

You are Ready To Fry!
- Heat oil in low medium drop these marinated potatoes one by one and fry it in batches also add curry leaves into the oil for extra flavor while frying. Each batch should take aprox 3-4 mins. Make sure you dont over fry Its ok if these r soft.

- When u are finish frying the whole thing, get ready to fry it again. This is done to obtain crispiness.

- You can fry it immediately after finishing frying 1st time or still keep it as it is and fry when ur ready to consume.

- 2nd fry should be again done in low medium heat till you get nice hard outer coating. dont over fry. 

- Once you are done remove it into tissue/ news papers and allow the excess oil to drain.

- When it cools you are ready to munch these crispy yummies

Toss Some Chaat masala to these fries and Serve (optional, see notes)

Ready to Munch as it is or serve it along with Ketchup/dip

- As you peel the potato and cut it to fingers make sure u immediately immerse it into the water, As I noticed it was getting black and patchy as it gets dried.

- As I saw it was getting patchy I added some red food color to it, but later while frying it was realized that the color is getting too dark! but still as it was fried in low temp, I was able to maintain the color without make it look over fried or burnt. So if u want u can skip the food color and obtain nice golden brown color.

- Add more spices if u desire to eat spicy,  as it is sweet potato it observes the amt of spices I had added, you can add more spices for real spiciness if u wish.

- Adding chaat masala is purely optional. As I felt sweet potato had neutralized the spices I added chaat masala to these after 2nd fry and tossed it to mix well. It gave a very unique flavor on the whole. May be next time I would add spices a little more but not much! 

- I did the 1st fry in the afternoon and 2nd fry in evening. It was quiet crispy enough to store in air tight container until we consumed after 2 hrs, So u can really be calm while doing this! there is no urgency at all, you can take ur own time and do the 2nd fry when ever u desire

I loved the new taste in my mouth! Just different. I planned to blog this today itself as new innovation of 2014 and was eating it again and again to give it a name :P lol I can be funny ;)

My bro dosent like sweet potato, but later he started asking me where is the fries u were making? and he had his share without any fuss

My Mom She told me 2-3 time that she liked it, it has come out very nice, except for the chaat masala, she would have liked more with sweeter taste! (now thats her choice she dosent like much of chatpata flavor from chaat masala)

Also My mom said she will bring more sweet potatoes and I should make this again!

My dad is sweetheart he eats all my cooked food without any fuss! yes he do gives his gentle reviews as he eats but for this he dint say anything which meant he liked it and was ok with the taste!

Dear Friends Hope u enjoyed this new recipe Also do try making it! as winters is almost ending and sweet potatoes wont be available that easily after sometime :)

When u try pls give ur humble feedback So that others can benefit with ur reviews

Want Some? :)

Stay tuned for More recipes
Bubye Until then 
With lots of love 

Sending my recipe to 
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  1. I prefer sweet potato fries over regular. Love it

  2. Hi Uma ji,
    I would like to nominate u for the Liebster Award. Your blog and the recipes are Awesome and ur doing a great job.
    Please grab ur award from this link:
    Thank you

  3. I think its just habit for me to buy and cook potatoes all the time. You reminded me that sweet potatoes are the other option for a change. I am loving the interplay of the spices (ahhh!!! I think you know how much I love spicy food). Nice, nice and nice.

    Happy New Year and to everyone at home. Thanks for the friendship and we shall continue to many years to come.

  4. Interesting & lovely to try it.

  5. That is delicious sweet potato fries Aara. Love it.

  6. Happy New year Aara.. Yummy starter to start the yr with :)

  7. Wow aara i have never tried too many recipes with sweet Potato, the only thing i know to make from sweet potato is pudding lol; i know its quite funny but i have very impressed by your recipe.. shall try it soon,, you will find it on my blog then hahahaha.. happy new year to you & your family plus Rabi al Awal Mubarak..
    ~ * LOVE MONU ~ *

  8. Love those crunchy bites. Kids friendly dish.

  9. Happy New Year dear :).This sounds like a lovely snack for kids! And just saw that you have signed up for the foodie read challenge! Great!!!!

  10. Looks so tempting. Will try out soon!

  11. Sweet potato chips is my fav,love your way of making,happy new year :)

  12. We love sweet potatoes and this sounds yummy!!

  13. I came to your blog to thank you for joining the Foodies Read challenge, and to tell you I look forward to reading about the books you review. But...I got sidetracked by your yummy sweet potato recipe.

    Any way, welcome to the challenge!

  14. aah so crispy fried... crunch crunch...


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