Sunday 26 January 2014

Egg Cubes | False Paneer

Egg Cubes | False Paneer

Honestly  U Can Ditch Anybody With This Even The Person Who Loves Eggs And The Ones Who Hate It Too.

Im not going to show some magic but yes I had shared this long time back in my fb page when I had started it. That was even before I started blogging. So there  R some Recipes Untouched which I dint share in blogs yet!!

Why I recalled those untouched recipes?? Ohh haa I got a big reason! If one is regular reader of my blog they would know I hadnt blogged for more than a week!! and yet ones connected to me In fb know the reason.
A very big reason I hold now is Shifting our house! Seriously its a big tiring job and I hate it!! It really takes ur time, energy and strength more over disturbs ur whole of routine hah!! And now I dont want to cry upon all the new adjustments we r trying to make. Im just glad with wat ever little im able to Blog!! 

Lets get back to the recipe.
Now this is just the basic on how to make egg cubes the falsehood of paneer shall come up with next post :)

Eggs - 4
Onions small - 1
Pepper - 1/2 spoon
Red chilli powder - 1/2 spoon (optional)
Cumin seeds - 1/2 spoon
Oil - 2 spoons
Butter - 1 spoon (optional) gives gud taste


- Add Everything Together and whisk it 

- Take a flat based glass bowl or stainless steel bowl and grease it with butter/ oil. The best take is to use a butter paper or parchment paper below. To get a clean shaped whole egg cake.
- Now pour the egg mixture in to the bowl and steam it as dhoklas.
- Steam for 30mins minimum till it takes a solid form. You can also bake it for 15-20 mins in 180C best when done in large batch if u are baking.
- Insert a knife or sekwer and check if ur knife comes out clean and u are done!!
 - Now Using a knife slowly slide into the sides of the bowl and loosen the sides of egg cake and invert it.
- Remove the cooked egg from the bowl carefully.
- Chop it into medium sized cubes. - If u want to eat as it is you can!! Garnish with coriander leaves/mint leaves and Serve.

But this would taste more like an omlet we make it in tava/ pan

- I Used it in gravy next.  Thats when this will get a magical touch of False Paneerhood

*** If u can see the pores in between the egg cubes in the above pic??? I have this sudden doubt as The pic I uploaded bfr looks completely different in laptop than what I used to see from my desktop. I guess the appearances of pics changes from one device to another But for now A Dull Finished Pic is what I can show now :)

Stay tuned for next recipe 
Till Then Bubye!!
With lots of love
Aara :)
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  1. Egg cubes, the name itself sounds quite interesting. Cubed omletes, and then putting them in grave..sounds nice. Waiting for your next post!

    1. hey priya thank u for ur lovely words :) i'll try to take time and post in the next recipe soon :) problem is gprs connection should behave and I have to live with this until I get proper net connection hehe

  2. Hope you have or are almost settled down in your new place. Lovely egg cubes though its something new to me. Yet I love exploring new recipes.

  3. Wow very innovative and interesting...will try it soon...

  4. hmm... interesting idea dear...

  5. Hoping Aara your routine will settle down soon :) egg cubes, such a great idea :)


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