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My 3rd Award And Nominees

My 3rd Award And Nominees

Hello Everyone Im Happy To Come up with Libster Award Today

This is my 3rd award and I thank +Parvathy Chandrasekaran For nominating my space for this award! Parvathy blogs at Paru's Kitchen and I went to her space 1st time, So u see there R many such blogs im not aware of :) but may be soon we shall meet across the net some where or the other and get connected!!

I had plans to generate an award in the start of this year to all the new bloggers to encourage and support them! And here it is that the award came to me 1st. 

Ok now as Introduction lets see what does Libster Award mean:

The word comes from German origin which has several definition meaning loved, dearest, sweet, valued etc etc....

Libster award is a kind of E-award given by one blogger to another. As a token of love, appreciation, affection, likeness, valued, dearest etc etc. And who dosent like such sweet awards??? 

What Does this award do / help?
It is a chain process which helps you explore different bloggers, know their views and interact with them! This award is not just restricted to food blogs but to any kind of bloggers who blogs at regular basis. 

Why is it called chain process? 
Because this award has to be passed from one blogger to another and this chain is suppose to go on. 
And honestly This is another means of getting traffic to your blog :) You discover new blogs and u help them get recognized by others too isnt it sweet? So dont break the chain process let it continue. Breaking the chain would be your loss :) There are people who refuse to accept the award! But its their choice of moving! there is no force! If they dont want to be a part of this award they can certainly let the blogger know so that other blog can get a fair chance for this opportunity. 

So libster award is basically welcomingnew blogger to blogosphere world.

*******Things to do when you receive a libster award:
- Blog about the award in your space.
- Copy paste the award pic to you blog, Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back the blogger at your space.
- Next answer some questions asked by the blogger in his/her space to you
- Now your turn to nominate 10- 15 other bloggers at your space who have less than 200 followers.
- Frame 10 questions for them, inform them about their nomination and the award in comments section of their blog or where ever u can get connected to them, and leave a note to them to collect it from your space!

Ok now coming back to answering questions framed by Paru for her nominees:

1) What was your 1st blog post and why did u choose that?
My 1st blog post was Tangy Channa Masala and I was not specific about what is going to be my 1st post! I started a fb page 1st which lead to blogging later on for various reasons. Channa masala was my experiment and it turned out really yummy, and quick to cook too. 

2) Spicy Foods? or Sweets?
My blog gives the answer :D Im very fond of food which gives blends of both the flavors!

3) Which is your fav cuisine?
I love to try various cuisine which is veg / halal but Indian cuisine is appealing to me.

4) If you are suppose to cook in 15 mins, what will you prefer doing?
There R few recipes I have blogged about which can be made within 15 mins time, I would make them if ingredients available. I hardly prefer outside food :D

5) How will you clean the kitchen? While working simultaneously or after finishing all works?
- I dont handle kitchen independently so I cannot answer this question with much perfection! But yes! I do clear the kitchen counter once spices and other things are utilized to cook!

6) What is your fav cooking show you never missed to watch?
- When I was small I loved to watch Khana khazana by sanjeev kapoor in zee, cooking up with Tarla dalal in sony, And Naram garam in starplus! But now I hardly watch any cooking shows! its all over the internet :)

7) One thing you never do in your kitchen?
- I cannot answer it in particular on 1 thing which i never do in kitchen! but I dont like talking to anyone while busy in cooking :P it highly irritates me :D

8) Pick one of the items which u always need in your pantry?
- Food Processor
- Mixer
- knife set
- skillet
- Microwave

I always need mixer, knife and skillet :P so I cant choose one at all

9) What is the best dish you ever made!
It is sheerkhurma out of 40 - 45 liters milk which I made it in last Eid I did all the preparation process and also did some variations which turned out really gud! Haa My dad was proud of me :D yes yes mom too hehe 

10) What is the 1st thing you grab as soon as u enter a grocery shop?
Nah I dont grab anything in particular! But I got the habit of hunting what is new in the shop and buying it immediately to experiment with!

Thank u paru for all ur questions it was really fun to answer them!!

So The interesting part 
Im Passing this libster award to the following blogger with their respective blogs

- Buleah Of Fullscoops
- Jyothi Nidhish Of Kitchen Rhymes
- Shaami Of Flavors I Luv
- +swetha vantalu Of Swetha's Vegetarian Cuisine

Congratulations nominees  
Do Accept the award and take out sometimes to forward this award to fellow bloggers!

*** Note: If anyone not interested to accept the award feel free to let me know! So that some other blogger may get a fair chance to receive the award :)

Question For My Nominees are:

1) What did u understand with the concept of blogging?
2) What are the things that changed after you started blogging?
3) If you are a food blogger do ur family and friends support your efforts?
4) How is your blog different from other blogs you came across?
5) Do you have virtual friends? How does it feel when u interact with them?
6) What is your new year resolutions and why?
7) One thing you can change about yourself?
8) One thing you always fantasy about u can have?
9) 5 things you love the most
10) Blogging is a different World!! What if u were not a blogger? and what if u have to quit blogging anytime???

One extra question from myside :)
11) Who inspire and motivate u to cook :)

Hope my questions are not hard :) But apart from being fun, these questions we help us understand thing more clear and better :) Have fun guys!!!

Stay tuned for more! 
Till then Bubye

                                                                         Lots of Love 

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  1. Thanks for nominating me Aara for Libster Award; I am glad like hell :D really i donot feel like i hold that much position :D should we mail you the answer for these questions or what ? :) Again Thanks a lot baby MUAH :* :)

    1. No Dear, make a blog post about this award, and answer these questions there in ur post! also frame 10 new questions for bloggers who u select for the award

  2. Thank you so much Aara! This is awesome!

  3. Congrats the award and I am sure more will be coming your way.

  4. congrats aara!!! i love that list of people who u nominated as well... :)

  5. hey Aara..thanks a bunch for the award ! But , actually, i had already received one before and had posted it on my Quick Picks. But, thanks a bunch sweetie...
    wishes for a great year ahead.
    Latest on Quick Picks - my 100th post and 1st guest post

  6. thanks so much for making me into the list

  7. Thank you so much Aara for nominating me for this Libster Award.
    I'm unable to copy the picture to upload it in my blog post.
    So could you help me with the image.

  8. aha... thats a cute answers :)

  9. aha.. that's a cute answers :)

  10. Congrats on winning the award and Thank u so much for nominating for the award :D :D.. I would distribute it without much delay.

  11. Thanks Dear Aara for this wonderful award. yes i do agree that this is a good way to get connected with bloggers across. i will make a post and publish shortly. Hugs and Thanks once again

  12. Congrats on award.nice post vth clear details n ur sweet words..lovley post...

  13. Congrats Aara dear...thanks for nominating me. Who can reject an award like this from a sweet friend like u :-)

  14. thank you for nominating ... this is my first liebrster award

  15. thank you for nominating me.. i feel so honoured. i have accepted and here is my post.

  16. hey Aara..thanks a lot for the award.
    But , I have already received it before.

    Check out the below link

    Please nominate some other blogger in my place so that the new blogger gets encouragement.

  17. Thanks a lot dear for nominating me and hearty congratulations to you too. will surely post the answers soon.

  18. loved reading ,..nice to know more about you..:)

  19. Congrats and thank you for the nomination. I had posted the award and replied you. thank you


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