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Banoffee Mash Up

Banoffee Mash Up

Banoffee Is An Elegant Irish Dessert! So Simple To Try But Yet Today Im Here With My Own Version.

I always Come up with my own versions! I dont know If this is a plus point from my side or minus point. Well Anyways its always gud to sail in the ship as wind blows :)

I wanted to try this from long time and SWC brought this out in this months challenge!

Before Starting With the method! I would love to share my experience Working with Dulce de Leche its nothing but caramelized condensed milk. 
Its a very simple task to pressure cook the can of condensed milk for 45-50 mins and you are done! But I had some issues with can its opening was too small coz i was using 200gms tin, I really dint notice until I started working with it! opening was too small and caramelized condensed milk was so thick to remove. I 1st started to make it as a pie but since the dulce de leche was too thick and not spreadable I gave up! and came out with something totally different as base.

Severs -4
Serving in individual bowls is better than serving in glass of such kinds, I used Glass solely for presentation purpose.
Marie Biscuits - 1 pack Ground into fine powder
Melted Butter- 2-3 tablespoon
Sugar - 1tsp
Whipped Cream - 1 cup
Bananas - 2 Cut into disc
Oranges - Few Oranges Segment Removed
Toffee sauce / dulce de leche - 1/2 of 1 can

- Mix crumbs of Marie biscuits and melted butter in a bowl and put them equally into serving glasses, Press it using a spoon and keep it in refrigerator till set.
- Dilute Dulce De Leche with hot milk and get it to sauce consistency, Pour it over the base.
- Next Arrange banana, then top with whipping cream, Next add orange segments and again top with whipping cream.
- Garnish with chocolate shavings and chill it for an hr, or refrigerate until served!

- The Whole dessert was really very yummy!
- The Base was seem to be too sweet for our taste, as dulce de leche was caramelized and seem to give richer and heavier taste. It was difficult for use to take up so much of sweetness in a spoon.
 Next Time I would Just replace it with Toffee custard for lighter version may be :)
- The Idea of adding Orange segments was a creativity from my side. Since the whole thing was so sweet I decided to add little tang and accommodate with the dessert, It Really Worked Like Charm!!
- The Whole dessert was really impressive and we have enjoyed eating every bit of it which was totally worth a try and a little struggle With Dulce De Leche. By the way, every struggle gives us fruitful labour dosent it??? :)

If Making Dulce De Leche Is your Problem Then Kick IT!!!
Try adding little condensed milk to the biscuits crumb and melted butter and mix it using fork, Set it as done in step 1 then proceed with further Preparations

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  1. Loved the way u mentioned your impression after tasting the dessert! :) Idea of adding orange sounds good!

    1. Thank you dear! Do try it next time u'l love it

  2. dear... from my xperience, all u need to put it is for around 30 minutes, then switch off. then u get the best consistency. the more you keep in the cooker, it gets so thick and difficult to handle! something i do is put in the micro for a minute, so that it becomes easy to handle... the banoffee looks so yum...

    1. Raff certainly had no much idea about this! Will follow ur instruction if I happen to make any in future :)

  3. Delicious dessert. All time favourite

  4. Nice one aara, I don't get a chance to try all these coz no has got sweet tooth at my home, it's only me who have to finish it all.....

    1. Make some small portion and have it by urself :)

  5. Innovative & interesting made it perfectly & presentation is also very nice.

  6. Of course I support the notion of creating your own recipes. We learn from mistakes and still come up with workable recipes. Its a beautiful put together dessert and perfectly with those wonderful flavors.

  7. Your mash up looks so inviting dear ! Loved all your creations and thanks for the entry !

  8. That sounds like a yummy dessert. Very nice Aara, will try it out one day for sure.

  9. Very Nice Looking yummy, A G+ for ur Post and Have a Nice Day. . . :)

  10. Luking Very delicious n this kind of deserte goês well aftr dinner.yummy Aara ..:)

  11. Fantastic dessert, very creative of you to add orange to balance sweetness.


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