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Quicky Guava Chutney

Quicky Guava Chutney

Guava is a Fruit which I had Always cherished to have it as a whole! But In form of chutney??? 

When I saw this chutney post by +Yes Cook I was really surprised. And Since then I wanted to try. Until now! I was so much skeptical about the taste. I knew guava only as fruit and maximum what I had tasted from my frnd was amrood ki sabzi which was really tasty, but sadly my family dint like it. Its almost 10yrs now and I never turned back to making it again.

Mom keeps getting Guava So this Time I had saved to prepare chutney! Lets make an experiment! Here is how it went!!

Guava - 1 and half Large size
Green Chillies - 3
Coriander Leaves - 2-3 tbsp
Mint Leaves - Few : 1tbsp
Ginger - 1/2 inch or lil more
Lemon Juice - As needed
Salt - As per taste
Sugar - 1tsp 

- Blend in all the above shown ingredients into a blender, for 2 mins till fine paste.
- Adjust salt, sugar and lemon juice accordingly, Blend again and Done!

It goes too well with bland main foods like Chapati/ Paratha / Idly / Dosa and most exciting part was Serving it as bread spread!!

When I 1st saw the chutney I was really shocked to see how lovely outstanding fresh green color it gave. It was a kind of instant love / love at 1st sight :P lolzz

Notes :
- I used a guava which was turning yellow, gud for smooth grinding.
- You may find some seeds here n there in chutney but it dosent matter honestly
- You can adjust , salt, sugar and lemon at any stage.
- I took 1 large guava 1st and 1inch long ginger, in which ginger gave very strong displeasing taste, So i had to adjust it by adding extra 1/2 guava to adjust the flavor of whole thing. So ive written 1/2 inch ginger in the ingredient list
- I had a slice of bread which I was eating while making chutney, thats when I tried a lil and loves the taste with white bread! yummm!! Do try....

It was spicy when I taste just like that, But a great combo as a dip when eaten along with food!!

We had some guests and mom was refusing to take this chutney :P When I insisted this had gone to the dastar too and guest took it thinking curry leaves chutney, until they felt the taste is different and asked my mom about it!

They all loved it!! Which made me too happy when I saw the saucer almost empty, just a spoonful or more left which me and my bro gulped down with bread slices :D

With the whole combo of spiciness sweet and tang I feel this would also make a great dip to any kind of snacks!!

Just go ahead making this and explore a new taste if u hadn't :)

Sending it to Cooking With Green

Cooking With Comfort

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  1. Wow aara I haven't heard about guava chutney before it is looking too good em sure my husband gonna live it thanks for sharing <3

  2. I love guava 😀but I never thought you cud make a chutney with it😀looks yummy !

    1. Thank u reni, even i was thinking the same until i tried myself :)

  3. looks so tangy and sweet...will try for sure..

  4. What a creative use of guava. Something I have never tasted but sure its splattering with flavors.

  5. Never heard of gauva chutney b4 but it seems to be so yum... :D

  6. a chutney frm guava ?? this is so innovative,, Wow !!

  7. have not heared abt a chutney made with guava. appreciate your innovation

    1. thank u dear I saw this 1st in yes I can cook :) from Sara

  8. never tried.. very new, but sounds quite good.. :) U r damn innovative!

  9. this one is different will definitely try :)

  10. Very interesting!

  11. Krishnakumar Hariharan8 December 2013 at 04:37

    Lovely! Luks delish! Post this in UBF too Aara!

  12. Wow Aara.. so well prepared. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  13. Aara..ur awesome...hw u got this idea...hahahhaa..lovely n innovative chutney dear..I love ripe guavas btw..

  14. Lovely chutney , thanks for sending to my event..

  15. wow !! this is super cool !never ever have thought of having guava in this chutney, which wud normally ahve gone in as the pudina coriander chut...this is definitely gonna be tried. Thanks for sharing, Aara ! glad that you liked my post on Pick Quicks ;)


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