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Sweet Potato Carrot Halwa

Sweet Potato Carrot Halwa

Carrot Sweet Potato Halwa Is a unique combination I wanted to try and experiment with! Here is the Result.

I tried to browse if anyone had tried earlier with this combo, but dint find the combined version except for few blogs which had only sweet potato halwa. 

I made up my mind to fuse both the veggies and came up with this version.

The Recipe Goes Same As Low Fats Creamy Gajjar Ka Halwa But little tweaks made here was

1) Addition of Boiled sweet mashed potatoes to equal amount of shredded carrots taken.
2) Its not low fats! Since we are using sweet potato we need 2-4 tablespoon of extra ghee to cook it nicely to bring it to halwa consistency. Very much suitable for winter seasons.

When we cook gajjar ka halwa, Half way is added boiled and mashed sweet potatoes along with the milk and sugar. and proceeded further until the halwa start moving as mass, Addition of dry fruits fried a little in ghee is just awesome. Addition of cardamon powder is very blissful towards the end result

A Very Creamy Halwa Is achieved

Best to be eaten when in room temperature. When consumed hot or warm u cant feel the texture and taste, so it becomes less enjoyable. At room temp you can really feel the mushy potatoes, juicy carrot and crunching dry fruits inside :)

You can further proceed this halwa into making poli / Sweet filling paratha's 

Shredded carrot is complimenting well along with the sweet potato. 
Sugar can be adjusted according to the taste. 

If u want to try something new! I bet Go for this!! Its packed full of energy and taste!!

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  1. Very creative. I haven't come across halwa with carrot and sweet potato together. Nice and I am loving it. That typical Asian in me always makes me drool over halwa rather than Western desserts.

  2. u came up with a nice dish with sweet potato, luks yummm

  3. Super easy Halwa. Variation of Carrot Halwa. Healthy and tasty.

  4. wow that an awesome combo for halwa :) very innovative and delicious halwa dear :)

  5. Easy and tasty recipe....I love sweet potatoes.

  6. i'm not a fan of sweet potatoes... but then if given in this form, i may happily gobble it down!

  7. Wow.. only after blogging only i came to know... what all unique and creative recipes...people came come up with..... you have a wonderful space dear.. happy following you back.... keep coming to my space too...

  8. This halwa making me crazy :D i am going in kitchen will try and tell you hehe

  9. Very creative! It looks great too.

  10. This sounds like a yummy combination, nice innovation Aara!

  11. This healthy combo looks so good!


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