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A Cup Of Apple Cinnamon Tea In Winters

A Cup Of Apple Cinnamon Tea In Winters

Weather u see this post in Morning / Evening you are welcome with A cup of Tea

Blogging has changed my views in many ways! Love for food is the biggest asset to successful blogging! I still know many people who love food, but dont like to blog/ type in few words. But for me blogging is become like my dairy where im sharing my thoughts and present emotions! Ok so im assured my recipes and my mini dairy wont be lost, and I dont have to hunt my dairy here and there anymore :)

Like wise Glad to come across so many bloggers around! Lovely people with positive attitude! I never thought in my entire life blogging would get me so many gud people around! Honestly Im a kind who cannot get along much with females around net! May be I was always exposed to wrong kinds! Males r no better though! but there is certain restrictions before interacting with them. Now I am happy to be at right place for right cause!!  No more wrong kinds anymore Ive got best female frnds around me, Though we may or may not talk to each other regularly, but we are connected someway! 

As the days pass by Im meeting new bloggers, know more of them and the best part is I Whole heartedly Invite them to do guest post. It makes me all happy when the invitation is accepted but yes there R still some refusals too. I have some non blogger foodie frnds too, whom I get recipes from and feature here! The whole concept for me goes about getting connected to each other with a common interest called Food.
Also it happens sometimes by guest post some new bloggers and old bloggers are introduced in a different way to the audience. It is all part and parcel of blogging and I think all of us should enjoy being with each other!

More Merry it becomes when non bloggers msg me asking to feature their recipe! It takes me to cloud9, It is all their love and trust on me, that Im not going to misuse their recipe, pics and details :)

Thank you Bloggers and Non-Bloggers For all the love and support U Give! We shall take this process in long term and get connected to many more foodies as much as we can :)

Today's recipe im sharing is Apple Tea which is winters special
I had seen this post in Swasthi's Indian Food Blog and so much wanted to try out just to see what an apple can make difference to the tea! You can read more details of this Tea provided by the author in given link above! I have tweaked the recipe a little according to my taste. Lets go thru the recipe

Water - 2 cups
Tea leaves - 1/4th tsp
Ginger - Small piece crushed
Pepper corns - 5-6 seeds
Cinnamon - 1 stick medium size
Lemon Juice - As required
Honey/ Sugar - As desired
Apple - Half (grated) and a little pieces sliced out for crushing

- In a tea making pot, take water, tea leaves, ginger, pepper corns and cinnamon, Boil it in medium flame for 5-7 mins.
- Mean while peel and grate the apple.
- Now close the gas flame after 5-7 mins and strain it in a container.
- Add Grated Apple and a piece of crushed apple close the lid of the container.
- Let it sit for 5 mins
- Strain it and serve hot. Add lemon juice and Sugar according to your taste. 

- In original recipe calls for mince apple pieces but I have grated.
- I was not able to detect any taste of apple, I took a small piece of apple and crushed it coarsely added it to the tea for more taste (it worked)
- Cinnamon flavor is detectable.
- You can reheat it lightly, along with grated apples. 
- Original recipe said 3 cups of water but I would suggest always make 1 or 2 small cups and taste it 1st Rather making it more since this tea will be a little different that regular black tea which we take.
- Adjust tea leaves accordingly as u like

This tea was unique in taste. Gave a kind of fulfillment Which curbed my appetite for almost 4-5 hrs.
I enjoyed the drink to the core which was too much refreshing and detectable in taste.
Honestly Best For Chilling Winters!!

Do Try and share your experience 

With Lots Of Love 

Till then Bubye..........................

Sending my recipe to
Cook With Comfort

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  1. Lovely drink with wonderful flavors. I enjoyed reading through your intro and many a thing said is applicable to me.

  2. Apple tea sounds like perfect for this weather here. Nice to know amp out your views !

  3. i have reserved a cup of tea. its amazing...

  4. First time seeing apple in tea.... Innovative


  5. This is new to me n tea looks yummy n tasty too...

  6. thats a really temopting drink, esp for the cold days. Me too have tried thin sliced greena pples in drinks, butnot with teas. Good one, Aara.


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