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Easy Alternatives To Make Khoya At Home

Easy Alternatives To Make Khoya At Home

Making Khoya is a Hectic Process Yet Some enjoy making it at home and find the flavors much better than what we get in shops. Some are not so lucky to get khoya in shops easily so to here are some alternative tips towards making khoya

Tips Originally shared By Anisa Arif 

Few Alternatives Khoya or mawa. Easily available in Indian Markets, few tried and tested suggestion/alternatives for friends living abroad.
1. Mix 1 tin condensed milk with 2 tsp ghee and 2 tsp curd, mircrowave for 6 minutes, tastes good in Indian deserts. 
2. Ricotta cheese – Simmer on low heat in a pan till moisture content reduces. Tried and tested by many friends abroad
3. Make a soft dough 2 cups of fullcream milk powder and Milk, 2 tsp ghee. Steam this for 10 mins. 
4. Make a dough full cream milk powder and fresh cream microwave for 1-2 mins in spurts.
5. Mix 1 Cup Milk powder, 1/2 cup Condensed Milk, 1 Table spoon Ghee microwave for 10 mins in spurts. 
6. Nothing beats the taste and flavor of reducing milk over hours

Hope these tips are going to help many of us :)

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  1. Wow nice recipe. I am not so much familiar to Khoya dish but I can definitely try as it seems to be easy. Thank u for sharing the recipe. keep posting with lots more.


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